Landscape Ecology Program

About the Program

The Landscape Ecology Program employs an interdisciplinary approach in monitoring the landscape of Texas. Its objective is to provide ecologically-focused geospatial data for state and federal agencies as well as the public. Our team of professionals incorporates ecological principles, field data collection, advanced GIS technology, remote sensing, and user-friendly app development for landscape management and conservation planning.

Latest News

Check out our new Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper (TEAM)

Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper (TEAM) is an interactive mapping tool to assist in understanding Texas habitats and to integrate Ecological Mapping Systems (EMS) data with land management and resource planning of all types.

  • View EMS data in relation to soils, hydrology and ecoregions layers
  • Export/Print custom maps and reports of habitat data for custom areas/boundaries
  • Calculate acres of vegetation types within an area of interest

Ecological Mapping Systems

Ecological Mapping Systems (EMS)

The EMS dataset comprises 398 vegetation types for the entire state of Texas in a geospatial format. This dataset was developed from aerial imagery, 14,000+ ground control points, and modeling various abiotic variables such as, slope, elevation, and soils.


Texas Ecosystem Analytical Mapper (TEAM)

The TEAM application is an interactive, user-friendly mapping tool that assists users in understanding the Texas landscape and integrates EMS data with land management and resource planning of all vegetation types.