Rocky Mountain Aspen Forest and Woodland (Not Mapped)

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Nature Serve ID: CES306.813


High elevations on Permian limestone (Guadalupe Mountains) and igneous substrates (Davis and Chisos Mountains).


High mountain slopes, valleys and ridges.



Parent Description

This system occurs at high elevations of the Guadalupe, Davis, and Chisos Mountains. It typically occurs as small patches within the higher elevation conifer systems present in each of the ranges. Populus tremuloides (quaking aspen) dominate the stands, which are maintained by disturbance, but may also occupy talus slopes for extended periods. These patches are considered relictual remnants in this southwestern extension of this more commonly encountered type further north.

Ecological Mapping Systems

Rocky Mountain: Aspen Woodland (Not Mapped)

Mapping System ID: not mapped

As described for system.