Southern Rocky Mountain Montane-Subalpine Grassland (Not Mapped)

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Nature Serve ID: CES306.824


Tertiary volcanic formations of the Davis Mountains and Permian limestone of the Guadalupe Mountains.


Limited in distribution to high elevation side slopes and local level plains.


Loams of high mountains.

Parent Description:

The occurrences of this system in Texas represent southern outliers of this system and are small patches in high elevations of the Guadalupe, Chisos, and Davis Mountains. These occurrences may be dominated by Festuca arizonica (Arizona fescue), Bouteloua gracilis (blue grama), and Blepharoneuron tricholepis (pine dropseed). Muhlenbergia montana (mountain muhly), Koeleria macrantha (junegrass), Allium cernuum (nodding onion), Silene laciniata ssp. greggii (Gregg’s Campion), Commelina dianthifolia (birdbill dayflower) may be present.

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