Gulf Coast Chenier Plain Fresh and Oligohaline Tidal Marsh

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Nature Serve ID: CES203.467



This system occupies recent alluvial deposits.


Along bay margins and outlets of coastal rivers where freshwater inflow is sufficient to drive marsh composition. Sites may be interspersed with areas of open water.


Saturated, very deep, mineral soils, often with high organic content, at least at the surface. Ecoclasses (from Ecological Site Descriptions) include various FRESH and INTERMEDIATE MARSH types.

Parent Description

This herbaceous system occupies coastal sites with mucky soils and salinities less than 4 ppt. Dominants are graminoids, including Panicum hemitomon (maidencane), Paspalum vaginatum (seashore paspalum), Zizaniopsis miliacea (marshmillet), Typha latifolia (common cattail), Spartina patens (marshhay cordgrass), Schoenoplectus spp. (bulrushes), and Phragmites australis (common reed). Other wetland species such as Sagittaria spp. (arrowheads), Ludwigia spp. (water-primroses), and Vigna luteola (cow pea) may also be present. Some occurrences may have some woody cover with species such as Iva frutescens (bigleaf sumpweed) or Baccharis halimifolia (baccharis).

Ecological Mapping Systems