Texas Coast Fresh and Oligohaline Tidal Marsh

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Nature Serve ID: CES203.472


Young quaternary alluvium.


Mouths of rivers and bayous emptying into bays of the Galveston Bay system.


Soils of the Tidal Flats and Salt Marsh Ecological Sites where they occur in areas of sufficient freshwater inflow.

Parent Description

Tidal marshes where salinity is maintained sufficiently low through freshwater inflows to produce fresh to oligohaline water chemistry. These marshes typically occur as small patches along bay margin and river or bayou mouths.

Ecological Mapping Systems

Coastal: Fresh and Intermediate Tidal Marsh

Mapping System ID: 5907

As described for the system.

Distribution Map

Coastal: Fresh and Intermediate Tidal Marsh


coastal-fresh and intermediate tidal marsh-1006.jpg