Lessons from Arundo Control Man

Arundo donax, also known as giant reed or Carrizo cane, is a highly invasive, non-native, dominating plant that grows up to 30 feet tall in dense stands. It causes erosion, increases risk of fire and worsens flooding, and harms native aquatic life. When you know about the harm this plant can do, you'll want to help with statewide efforts to control it.

What You Can Do to Kick Arundo Out of Texas Waterways

  •  Know the enemy. Learn to recognize mature Arundo plants, roots, and fragments.
  •  Sound the alarm. Spread the facts about Arundo and speak up when you see it being mismanaged .
  •  Be aware. On construction projects, especially near creeks and rivers, check fill dirt and other aggregate materials for fragments of Arundo. Remove them before they get a chance to spread.

An Arundo Prevention Program for Texas

"Lessons from Arundo Control Man" is an easy-to-use training program for anyone working in construction, road or park maintenance, landscaping, ranchland management, or anyone else who may encounter this plant. The training program consists of a 12-minute video and a printable brochure.

Safety trainers and other educators are encouraged to share this program with audiences who may encounter Arundo in the field. Use our handy order form to request copies of the brochure for your groups.

This program was developed by TPWD, Nueces River Authority, Texas Department of Transportation, and TAMU AgriLife.

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