HAB Research

July, 20, 2010
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Red Tide Status

Golden Alga Bloom Status

Harmful Algal Blooms Observing System (HABSOS) Project

HAB Committees and Task Forces

Texas HAB Work Group

The Texas Harmful Algal Bloom Work Group, a subcommittee of the Texas Toxic Substances Coordinating Committee with representation from many different agencies, universities and other organizations, meets quarterly to discuss HAB issues in Texas.

TPWD Golden Alga Task Force

This is a group of TPWD personnel organized to manage the departmental response to golden alga blooms and the problems they cause. The task force coordinates and interacts with other agencies and universities to address golden alga issues. The task force is also responsible for administering legislatively-authorized research funds to address golden alga problems in Texas. Members of the task force include fish hatchery, fisheries, and aquatic biologists with additional departmental personnel as needed. The Golden Alga Task Force Vision and Objectives were formulated and clarified in October 2006. More information about the Golden Alga Task Force is in the Golden Alga FAQs .

Toxic Substances Coordinating Committee

The Toxic Substances Coordinating Committee (TSCC) was created in 1987 by an act of the 70th Texas Legislature, SB 537, Sec. 2(h) of the Health Risk Assessment Act. The purpose of the TSCC is to coordinate communication among member agencies concerning each agency's efforts to regulate toxic substances and harmful physical agents. The agencies involved include:

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Funding Opportunities - National Center Environmental Research

National Plan for Algal Toxins & Harmful Algal Blooms - from the Ecological Society of America

House Committee on Science - News update on bill to fight harmful algal blooms

Brown Tide Research Initiative - Sea Grant New York

Harmful Algal Blooms Program - Northwest Fisheries Science Center

Algaebase - database of information on algae

ISSHA - International Society for the Study of Harmful Algae

Botany:Identifying Harmful Marine Dinoflagellates - A taxonomic identification and reference guide published by the Smithsonian Institution

11th Annual Conference on Harmful Algae - November 15-19, 2004, Capetown, South Africa

H.R. 1856 - Bill Summary and Status

Algae-L - An unmoderated discussion group dealing with alga - from the University College of Ireland / Michael D. Guiry.