Reporting an Event:

Quick response is key to helping a successful investigation. If possible, please note:

  • Location, date and time
  • Water color, clarity and any odor
  • Number, size and species of affected organisms
  • Recent weather
  • Condition and behavior of animals or organisms
  • Are plants or other organisms affected?

Kills and Spills Team Contacts

If you see dead or dying fish and wildlife, or pollution that is threatening fish and wildlife, please contact our 24-hour Communications Center immediately:
(512) 389-4848

You can find a regional biologist by clicking on a region in the map below or by consulting this Kills and Spills Team Contact List PDF.

The Kills and Spills Team can also respond to Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

You can use the web-based/phone application iNaturalist to report local impacts of winter storms on the coast in Region 3 and Region 4. Contribute your observations and photos online of coastal aquatic life that you suspect might have been killed due to the cold and help give our biologists the most up-to-date information to investigate. All iNaturalist observations are compiled on our project site.

Clickable map showing KAST regions Region 1 - West & Central Region 2 - North Region 3 - East Region 4 - South

You can also contact your local game warden.