Introducing Mammals to Young Naturalists


Cover of 'Introducing Mammals to Young Naturalists' Book

Young people seem to have a natural curiosity about animals and the way different species live; however, many children who are growing up in an urban environment do not have the opportunity to spend long hours in the outdoors watching wildlife. They have no chance to study what Aldo Leopold called "the hundred little dramas of the woods and meadows." Without our help, they may never develop an awareness and appreciation for the animals that share our earth, learn how each species fits into the intricate web of life, or establish a close relationship with nature.

This book, which features mammals, is the second in a series of books that will introduce children to a variety of animal species and explore the different facets of nature.

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Ilo Hiller
1990 – Preface: Introducing Mammals to Young Naturalists. The Louise Lindsey Merrick Texas Environment Series, No. 10, pg. 9. Texas A&M University Press, College Station.