Report on the San Marcos River Task Force

V. The Third Task Force Meeting

Potential Solutions/Options Suggested by SMRTF Members

Following the reports from TPWD and task force members, Chairman Jones presented a list of potential options that had been submitted by task force members. This list of  potential options is derived from ideas brought up in the SMRTF meetings or subsequently sent to TPWD staff via email by task force members. Some of the options fit into more than one of the below categories, so they are listed more than once.  The options are listed in no particular order.

Local County/Enforcement Options Suggested by SMRTF Members

Several options were suggested by SMRTF members to be implemented at a local county level. Options related to enhancing county law enforcement resources included:

Other options submitted by SMRTF members related to local county governmental operations included:

Suggested Options Submitted by SMRTF Members that would Require Legislative Action

Several options submitted that fit under the legislative options category involved banning specific items or activities in all or a portion of certain navigable streams, to include:

Suggested Options Submitted by SMRTF Members that Could be Implemented by the Tubing Companies  

Suggested Options Submitted that Landowners Could Consider

Suggested Options Submitted for TPWD to Implement