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Daniel Reservoir - 2017 Survey Report

Prepared by Natalie Goldstrohm and Michael Homer Jr.
Inland Fisheries Division
Abilene District

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Fish populations in Daniel Reservoir were surveyed in 2014-2018 using gill nets, tandem hoop nets, electrofishing, and trap nets. Historical data are presented with the 2014-2018 data for comparison. This report summarizes the results of the surveys and contains a management plan for the reservoir based on those findings.

Reservoir Description

Daniel Reservoir is a 950-acre impoundment constructed in 1948 on Gunsolus Creek. The reservoir is in Stephens County, approximately 65 miles northeast of Abilene, and it is owned and operated by the City of Breckenridge. The reservoir provides municipal water supply for the City of Breckenridge. Daniel Reservoir was nearly dry from fall 2003 to spring 2007. After filling in June 2007, the water level began to decline. By 2014, the reservoir was nearly 11 feet below conservation pool, but substantial rainfall refilled it in 2015. All boat ramps were usable after the reservoir refilled. Bank fishing access was limited to the boat ramp areas.

Management History

Important sport fishes include Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, and crappie. Previous management history included re-establishment of all sport and forage fish by stocking fish, inform anglers of new fishing opportunities, discuss water conservation and stricter water restriction trigger points for municipal water use with the City of Breckenridge. The most recent stockings included Florida Largemouth Bass in 2016 and 2017 after the lake refilled. Angler harvest of all sport fishes has been regulated according to statewide size and bag limits.

Fish Community

Management Strategies

Survey Channel Catfish, White Crappie, Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, and forage fish populations every four years. Meet with the City of Breckenridge to discuss water use plans for Daniel Reservoir and strategies for water conservation. Promote the quality White Crappie fishery to constituents. Inform the public of the threat of invasive species and their impacts.

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Performance Report as required by Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act Texas Federal Aid Project F-221-M-3 Inland Fisheries Division Monitoring and Management Program

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