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Delta Lake - 2008 Survey Report

Prepared by John Findeisen and Greg Binion
Inland Fisheries Division
District 1-E, Mathis, Texas

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Fish populations in Delta Lake were surveyed in fall 2008 using trap nets and electrofishing and in spring 2009 using gill nets. This report summarizes the results of the surveys and contains a management plan for the reservoir based on those findings.

Reservoir Description

Delta Lake is a 2,261-acre reservoir located in Hidalgo County, 2.5 miles north of Monte Alto. The reservoir is divided into a public section (approximately 1,500 acres, east side) and a private section (approximately 761 acres, west side). The two sections of the reservoir are divided by State Highway 88 and are only connected via a pipeline. The reservoir is used for water supply, irrigation and recreation. The lake is very shallow and turbid. Substrate is composed primarily of small rock, clay, sand and silt. Littoral habitat consists of periodically flooded terrestrial vegetation, large stands of bulrush and cattail, and standing timber.

Management History

Important sport fish species included channel catfish, white bass, largemouth bass, and white crappie. Exotic species include grass carp and suckermouth catfish collected from the reservoir since the last report. The previous fisheries management plan focused on rebuilding the fisheries following the 2004 reservoir renovation projects, habitat enhancement, and the construction of a boat ramp. During summer 2004, the Delta Lake Irrigation District began draining the reservoir to begin a bank stabilization project and construct a canal on the east side of the reservoir for the purposes of moving water around the reservoir for irrigation needs during drought years. Both projects were completed in March 2006, however, the reservoir was reduced to approximately 300 acre-feet throughout the project. Fisheries enhancement included stocking both predator (i.e., largemouth bass and channel catfish) and prey species as needed, and monitoring the fisheries with supplemental surveys. Reservoir enhancement projects consisted of flooding terrestrial vegetation in the spring and initiating the process to construct a boat ramp.

Fish Community

Management Strategies

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