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Greenbelt Reservoir - 2019 Survey Report

Prepared by Caleb Huber and John Clayton
Inland Fisheries Division – Amarillo District

This is the authors' summary from a 37-page report. For a copy of the complete report, use the download link in the sidebar.

Fish populations in Greenbelt Reservoir were surveyed in 2019 using electrofishing and trap netting.  Gill nets were planned in 2020 but were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Gill net data from 2019 is included in lieu of the missing 2020 data.  Anglers were surveyed from April 2017 through June 2017 with a creel survey.  Historical data are presented with the 2019 data for comparison.  This report summarizes the results of the surveys and contains a management plan for the reservoir based on those findings.

Reservoir Description

Greenbelt Reservoir is a 1,990-acre impoundment located on the Salt Fork of the Red River five miles north of Clarendon in Donley County, Texas. It is controlled by the Greenbelt Municipal and Industrial Water Authority, used for water supply and recreational purposes and has a history of significant water level fluctuations.  The reservoir covered 666 acres in 2019.  Angler access was good, but boat access is limited to one low-water ramp.  At the time of sampling, the habitat was primarily natural and gravel shoreline with some standing timber.  Eurasion watermilfoil is present in the waterbody but to date has not negatively affected boating or angler access.

Management History

Important sport fish included Largemouth Bass, Walleye, White Bass, White Crappie, and catfish.  Harvest of most species has been managed with statewide limits. An experimental 18-inch minimum length limit, three-fish bag limit was implemented on Smallmouth Bass in 1994 with no documented success. The special regulation was rescinded in 2001.

Fish Community

Management Strategies

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