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Marine Creek Reservoir - 2018 Survey Report

Prepared by Thomas Hungerford and Raphael Brock
Inland Fisheries Division - Dallas/Fort Worth District

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Fish populations in Marine Creek Reservoir were surveyed in 2018 using electrofishing and trap netting and in 2019 using gill netting. Historical data are presented with the 2018-2019 data for comparison. This report summarizes the results of the surveys and contains a management plan for the reservoir based on those findings.

Reservoir Description

Marine Creek is a 250-acre reservoir located on Marine Creek (a tributary of the Trinity River) in Tarrant County. The reservoir was constructed in 1958 by the Tarrant Regional Water District primarily for flood control and limited recreational activities. Habitat is limited but composed mainly of native emergent aquatic vegetation in the forms of water willow, cattails, bulrush and rocky shoreline.

Management History

Important sport fish include Largemouth Bass, White Bass, White Crappie, and Channel Catfish. Sport fish populations, except Largemouth Bass, are managed with statewide regulations. Marine Creek was a study site for the first phase of the Operation World Record (OWR) research project. Operation World Record was a project designed to test the growth rates of local Largemouth Bass (LMB), Florida Largemouth Bass (FLMB), and ShareLunker Largemouth Bass (offspring). Largemouth Bass were managed under the statewide 14-inch minimum length limit until September 1, 2006 when the minimum length limit was changed to 18 inches to protect the Largemouth Bass in the OWR project. Phase 1 of the project included stocking LMB and FLMB fingerlings into Marine Creek in 2006 and 2008. In 2014, tagged ShareLunker Largemouth Bass and FLMB were stocked as part of phase two of the OWR project. In summer of 2013 and 2014, white water lily, arrowhead, and pickerel weed were planted at various locations along the shoreline. However, high water levels in 2015 flooded the vegetation preventing establishment and additional growth. In 2017, artificial fish habitat structures were deployed near shore at two locations in Marine Creek Reservoir.

Fish Community

Management Strategies

This reservoir will be monitored with electrofishing and trap netting in 2022 and gill netting in 2023. Stock Sharelunker Largemouth Bass over the next two years. Collect fin clips from all Largemouth Bass ≥5 pounds. Inform the public about the negative impacts of aquatic invasive species.

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