Park Alert


Extreme Heat Warning

May 31, 2022 - The park is located in a hot desert climate with no shade. Summer temperatures (May -September) will be over 100 degrees by late morning. We recommend being off trail by 11 a.m. Carry and drink plenty of water. Please hike and camp responsibly.

Sauceda Closure

May 31, 2022 - The Sauceda Ranger Station gift shop and permitting station is closed. A ranger is on duty for emergencies only. Showers and restrooms are open.

  • Check in for camping, the bunkhouse, and day passes at Fort Leaton or Barton Warnock.
  • Call either of these sites or email us with questions.
  • Detailed park maps, portable toilet systems and souvenirs are only available at Fort Leaton or Barton Warnock.
  • The ranger at Sauceda will not collect fees or make reservation changes. 

Check back for updates or contact the park for more information.