Fort Richardson State Park, Historic Site & Lost Creek Reservoir State Trailway


Water flowing over rocksThe 9-mile hike, bike and horse trail runs next to Fort Richardson and along Lost Creek, the main watershed for Jacksboro’s two city lakes. Trailheads are at Fort Richardson State Park & Historic Site and on Lost Creek Reservoir in our North Park unit.

North Texas scenery

Deer in a field, looking at photographerThe trail follows scenic Lost Creek to the east side of Lake Jacksboro and Lost Creek Reservoir. It crosses the dam at Lost Creek Reservoir, then winds along the west side until it reaches the trailhead at the North Park.

 You’ll witness wildlife and wildflowers as you travel the trailway. Hike, bike or ride through shaded areas of pecan and oak trees.

Most of the trail runs beside the creek or lakes. Enjoy stops to fish, swim, or just to relax. Watch for great blue herons, kingfishers and even osprey hunting fish in Lake Jackson.

Trail conditions

This trail is 10 feet wide and has an improved surface of base material topped with about 4 inches of screening materials. This surface creates a smooth trail for many uses.

Use the Interactive Trails Map to learn more about our trails.

Creating a trail

The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, along with Texas Parks and Wildlife, the city of Jacksboro and Jack County funded the Lost Creek Trailway. It was authorized for construction in 1994 and opened on National Trails Day, June 6, 1998. Construction cost for the trail was $442,000.