Park Closed Alert…

Climbing Closure List

To protect the resources, we have closed the following areas:

North Mountain:

    • Mushroom Boulder - north face
    • Nuclear Arms / Blood and Gore
    • Gold Star Roof
    • Artist’s Opposition (at end-loop area)
    • Cave Kiva
    • Picto. Site 17 (Rattlesnake area)
    • Picto. Site 16A, A-1
    • Donkey Head (near picnic site 3)
    • Algerita
    • Stanage on Holiday
    • Present Arms (SW face)
    • Chris’ Arete (Santiago Cooper inscription)
    • Picto. Site N19F
    • Pictograph Site N19C (at west end of Laguna Prieta)
    • Roughage (Lunch Rocks area)
    • Sculpture/Thighburner (Lunch Rocks area)
    • Warm-Up Boulder (north restrooms)

East Mountain:

    • Five Bimbos
    • Snappy Tom
    • Bucket Roof
    • Meine Kleine Buzzbomb

East Spur:

    • 45° Wall
    • Saint Vitus Dance/That’s My Daughter Wall

West Mountain:

    • Pictograph Site 29 (Cave of the Masks)
    • Pictograph Site 37AB (SW wall of shelter near Animal Acts).