Kickapoo Cavern State Park

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Trail descriptions and points of interest for Kickapoo Cavern State Park.

Adventure awaits! Enjoy the park’s rugged beauty, above and below ground.

Bat flying
Mexican free-tailed bat

Get back to nature and experience the most remote area of the Texas Hill Country. Explore the trails on foot or by mountain bike. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and immerse yourself in solitude. Scenic landscapes await at every turn. Remember, “Life’s Better Outside.”


This list may not include all trails in the park. 

All trails and roads can be used for hiking and biking unless otherwise indicated.

Trail Distance Difficulty Description
Seargeant Memorial Trail 0.7 mi. Moderate From our historic sheep dipping pens and windmill in the Indigo Creek Campground, climb 135 feet up to the campground overlook.
Pine Canyon Loop 1.9 mi. Easy This easy hike/bike trail loops around from the Group Camping Area to the Vireo Vista Trail.
Armadillo Lookout Trail 0.6 mi. (round trip) Moderate Located off of the Vireo Vista trail, ascend 137 feet to a scenic overlook with a bench for relaxing and enjoying the scenery.
Vireo Vista Trail 0.4 mi. Easy An easy walk that connects the Pine Canyon Loop Trail with the Barbado Ridge Trail in a good bird-watching area. Expect some elevation change.
Barbado Ridge Trail 2.2 mi. Moderate to Strenuous Beginning at the Vireo Vista/Barbado Ridge trailheads, you will ascend to the highest points in the park before descending to the Long Way Home Trail.
Arroyo Camino 1.5 mi. Strenuous This hike takes you from the Pine Canyon Loop up over the ridges into a scenic and remote area of the park, connecting you to the old ranch entrance road just above the most dramatic elevation change.
The Long Way Home Trail 6.7 mi. Moderate Pack plenty of water and snacks for this long trek north of the campground.
Stuart Bat Cave Cut-off 0.6 mi. Easy The cut-off connects Stuart Bat Cave to The Long Way Home Trail.
Trails at Kickapoo Cavern State Park

Points of Interest

GPS Coordinates shown in decimal degrees.

Point Latitude Longitude Description
Seargeant Memorial Trailhead 29.6106° -100.4520° Read the plaque memorializing the Seargeant family and their ranching history. View the old sheep pens, dipping area, and historic windmill.
Bird Blind 29.6095° -100.4541° A small path from the group camping area leads to this bird-watching destination.
Armadillo Lookout 29.6034° -100.4581° Enjoy a scenic vista overlooking the southwestern area of the park. A great spot for panoramic photos.
Vireo Vista/Barbado Ridge Trailheads 29.6022° -100.4621° Access the Vireo Vista Trail and Barbado Ridge Trail with a small parking pull-out. This is also a popular birding spot.
Stuart Bat Cave 29.6327° -100.4387° An ADA-accessible platform provides a view of Stuart Bat Cave where Mexican free-tailed bats roost during certain times of the year. Access into the cave is prohibited.
Points of Interest at Kickapoo Cavern State Park

Staying Safe

  • Know your limits. Prepare for sun and heat. Wear sunscreen, insect repellent and appropriate clothing/hiking shoes.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body quickly loses fluids when you’re on the trail. Bring a quart of water per hour of activity.
  • Tell others where you’ll be. If possible, avoid exploring alone. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • Wear a helmet. When biking, check with park HQ to match the trail to your skill level. Wear a helmet to protect yourself in case of a crash.
  • You may not be able to connect. It’s a good idea to take along a cell phone and GPS unit, but don’t count on them.
  • Potentially harmful plants and animals live here. You’ll see them more easily if you stay on trails.

Trail Etiquette

  • Trash your trash. Keep the park natural. Pack out all of your trash and Leave No Trace.
  • Leave feeding to nature. Feeding wild animals will make them sick and more likely to harm people.
  • Take only memories and pictures. Please don’t disturb or remove any of the park’s plants, animals or artifacts.
  • Keep pets on leashes for their safety, and to protect wildlife.