Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway

Park Alerts…

RV Dump Station

The City of Mineral Wells has set specific standards for visitors using our RV dump station.

  • Only dump blackwater and graywater. Fuels, oils, chemicals, and other non-domestic wastewater can get into the water cycle and damage wastewater treatment systems.
  • We can only accept biodegradable odor control additives (enzyme or citrus-based). Please no Bronopol, Para-dichlorobenzene, Glutaraldehyde, Dowicil, Formaldehyde, or Paraformaldehyde. If chemicals in your additives are hard to pronounce, they’re probably not allowed here. 
  • We can only accept wastewater generated at this park. Report any illegal dumping, accidental discharge, or facility malfunctions immediately.

No person shall discharge into the sewage system materials, water, wastewater or other substances that may cause pass through, or that may interfere with the facilities, operations or performance of the sewage system. Also prohibited are substances that may have an adverse effect on the environment or may endanger life, health or property or constitute a public nuisance.

Contact the park for more information.