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Establishing the Park's Personality

February 2022

Ranger JamesBy Ranger James

Men looking out over distant viewI’ve worked at several parks throughout my career with TPWD.  Each of those parks had its own unique personality – a character that became clear as you travelled throughout the park. 

For avid park-goers who have visited many sites around the state, I imagine that the mention of parks like Enchanted Rock, Caddo Lake, Dinosaur Valley or Bastrop bring to mind pictures that demonstrate that character. 

It wasn’t until I came to work at Palo Pinto Mountains that I realized how much effort it takes to bring the special quality of these places to the forefront of the visitor’s experience.

Choosing campsites

Man walking in wild area carrying stakes on his backRecently, I was part of a collaborative effort with professionals from TPWD’s State Parks and Infrastructure divisions, along with members of our contracted design team, to lay out the campsites in the park.

The backgrounds of the team included design, construction, natural resources, park operations and management. Each member worked to highlight the natural character of the Palo Pinto Mountains and provide future visitors with memorable experiences.

Man in orange vest clearing cacti.After two full days in the field, we had flagged all the future campsites at the park. As I type this, our contractors are converting an ocean of various colored tape and flags into campsites.  These sites will be the centerpiece of cherished memories for families for decades to come. 

Enjoy each park's personality

I hope that the next time you visit a state park in Texas, you will take a moment and reflect on its personality and appreciate the character  of the landscape and the story the park is telling.