Frequently Asked Questions About Park Requests

Include details in your event application for any of the items below.

Can we put up tents or other temporary structures?
If you plan to place a tent (including inflatable type dome), canopy, stage, or scaffold, etc. on public property, private property, or parking lot, include the size of tent and estimated square footage of coverage in the event description. Each state park has its own requirements for tent placements due to natural and cul­tu­ral considerations.
Are Inflatables or climbing walls allowed?
If you plan to place an entertainment inflatable (i.e. amusement ride, inflatable, climbing wall, etc.) on public property, private property, or parking lot, contact the park superintendent for guidelines.
What are the requirements for food and beverages?
If you are selling, serving, or giving away consumables such as food or beverages, you may need a Food Service Permit. Please contact the Texas Health and Human Services at (512) 776-7111 or (toll-free) 888-963-7111.
What are the guidelines for selling items?
You must provide vendor information before we approve your event. Please submit a list of all vendors and their business names, contact names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.
What about restrooms?
You must provide portable restrooms at your event. The excep­tion is if you can prove that the existing accessible and non-accessible restrooms in the imme­di­ate area of the event site are sufficient.
Determine the number of portable toilets based on your esti­mated peak time atten­dance (e.g. one chemical or por­table toilet for every 50 people; at least one must be ADA accessible). Your local portable sanitation service con­trac­tor can help you plan.
Can we use amplified sound?
In most cases, your special event con­tract allows use of amp­li­fied sound as outlined in your special event application. However, we do have some guidelines:
  • Unreasonably loud noise at any time of day or night (including music) is against state park rules.
  • Generally, sound (music) levels should not exceed 90 decibels 15 feet from the source.