Reservations FAQs

FAQs for Texas State Parks' reservation system.

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about state park reservations. Contact customer service if you still have questions.

Go to the State Park Reservations Portal to make reservations and find tips and details.

Can I reserve a specific campsite?

Reservations for most sites in Texas State Parks are site-specific. You can reserve a site that best meets your needs.

What is the maximum number of sites I can reserve online?

You can reserve up to five sites for the same park and time period. Call our Customer Service Center at (512) 389-8920 to if you need to reserve more than five sites.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

It depends on the type of reservation.

  • Day pass entrance permits may be reserved up to one month before your visit. Day passes are especially important for weekends and holidays and at our busiest parks.
  • Most overnight camping or lodging reservations may be reserved up to five months in advance. The five-month reservation window opens at 8 a.m.

How late can I make a reservation?

Provided reservations are still available, the following types of reservations can be made:

  • Day passes, if still available, may be reserved up until the date of your arrival.
  • Campsites (all types except primitive), if still available, may be reserved up until 4pm on the date of your arrival.
  • Primitive campsites, shelters, cabins and motel rooms, if still available, may be reserved up until 5am on the date of your arrival.

Can I reserve a day pass online now?

Yes. You may purchase/reserve day passes for up to eight people per vehicle and up to two vehicles per arrival date.

Where do I enter my camping equipment, such as camping trailer or pop-up?

You should enter all licensed vehicles, including pop-ups, RVs, trailers, etc., in the “Site Occupants” section under “Bringing a Vehicle?”  Please enter all your licensed vehicles. Keep in mind the vehicle limits of the site you have chosen.

Do I need to pay to make a reservation?

Yes. We collect a equal to the total cost of the reservation, including entrance fees. We charge the payment to your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card when you finish making the reservation. Provide complete and accurate information with your reservation to speed up your check-in at the park.

How and when do I receive my park pass benefits?

Your pass is associated with your customer profile. The reservation system will apply any pass benefits (such as free park entry) at the time you make a reservation, provided your pass is valid on the day of arrival.

Will I get a confirmation email for my reservation?

Yes, and please read it carefully. It includes the reservation number, payment information, specific and timely park information, information about the site or sites you have reserved, our cancellation policy, and directions to the park.

Can I make all my reservations online?

Most sites can be reserved online, but a few still require phone reservations.

  • What you can reserve online:
    • Campsites
    • Screened shelters
    • Cabins
    • Indian Lodge rooms
    • Rooms at the San Solomon Springs Court Lodge at Balmorhea State Park
  • What you must reserve by phone:
    • Devils River State Park: (512) 389-8901
    • Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site: (512) 389-8911
    • Group sites: (512) 389-8920
    • Most ADA sites: (512) 389-8900

Can I purchase an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) permit online?

Yes. Click on “Passes and More” to navigate to OHV permit sales.