All Park Events

Early Birding at the Emory Oak Wildlife Viewing Area
Meet at the bird blind at 8:30am to identify birds with a local expert. Bring binoculars, field guide and your curiosity!
What's all the Buzz About?
Learn about the wonders of bees.
Night Hike (9PM)
Join a park ranger to explore the Caddo Forest Trail in the evening hour.
Lost Pines Trail Crew!
Lend a hand and become a part of the Lost Pines Trail Crew! Together, we're continuing a legacy and giving the trails a little TLC! We'll teach you how to build a trail, how to stop the soil from eroding away, and other skills that you can even use at your own home!
Adult Basic Wilderness Survival Clinic
If you spend any time in the Backcountry, there's a good chance you'll meet Mr. Murphy. His law states, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong", and usually at the worst possible time.