Texas Outdoor Family FAQs

Learn how to camp. No experience neccessary. Starting at $75 per family (up to six people)
How much does it cost?
$75 for one-night workshops and $95 for two-night workshops.
How many people can I bring?
You may bring up to six people per site.
What should I bring?
You can find a list of the equipment you need in our TOF Welcome Packet.
Can I bring pets?
No, pets are not allowed at TOF events.
Can my two-year-old child come?
Yes, they may, but the youngest age we recommend is five. Remember younger children require much more care and attention in an outdoor setting.
How big is the tent?
We provide a six-person tent.
Is there dangerous wildlife?
The wildlife in the parks is generally not dangerous, but remember that you should respect all wildlife; the park is their home and we are visitors.
Can I take a shower?
Yes, unless specified all the parks have hot showers and toilets.
When do I receive my pre-trip materials?
Please download the TOF Welcome Packet. This packet provides a great packing list, meal ideas, forms required for participation, and much more.
May my family leave the park to eat dinner?
Sure, we encourage families to use the skills they have learned to cook outdoors, but families are always free to leave if they feel the need.
Can I have my money refunded to me?
All deposits are non-refundable; however, we will allow you to change to another State Park Workshop as long as we are notified 10 business days prior to the arrival date.  Cancellations within 10 business days will result in a loss of payment; unless appropriate documentation is provided.
What weather will cause the event to cancel? When and how will we find out?

Rangers will use their experience and judgment to cancel workshops for your safety and comfort. Extreme heat, cold, rain or wind may lead to cancelling your workshop.

TOF staff will notify you via email and telephone if the event is cancelled. Your reservation will then be added to our transfer list for a future event, if available. 

Group of campers learning to kayak at Big Bend Ranch State Park