Responsible Use

Statutes for Operating Off-Highway Vehicles


Tread Lightly

The Texas OHV Program encourages the usage of the responsible trail use principles developed by the Tread Lightly Program. At a minimum these principles include:

  • Travel and recreate with minimum impact
  • Respect the environment and the rights of others
  • Educate yourself--plan and prepare before you go
  • Allow for future use of the outdoors—leave it better than you found it
  • Discover the rewards of responsible recreation

You can find more information for the Tread Lightly Program at:

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Safety Requirements

  • Always wear protective gear including helmets, eye protection & appropriate footwear
  • Ride an ATV that's right for your age:
    • Age 6 and older under 70cc
    • Age 12 and older 70cc—90cc
    • Age 16 and older over 90cc
  • Supervise riders younger than 16 years of age.
  • Full sized OHV's should have hard tops or roll cages, seat belts and should carry fire extinguishers
  • Buckle up!
  • Travel in groups of two or more
  • Keep in touch - CB radios, cell phones, and walkie talkies come in handy
  • Know limitations of yourself and your vehicle
  • No smoking on the trails
  • Don't drink and drive or ride!
  • Don't overextend yourself
  • Don't tailgate - always follow at a safe distance
  • Don't overextend daylight hours
  • Use common sense
  • Always avoid paved surfaces. Never ride on public roads.
  • Ride only on designated trails and ride responsibly!