Nongame Grants and Research

Funds to conduct research or conservation activities on federal/state listed species or Species of Greatest Conservation Need are available periodically through Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Wildlife Division. External researchers can apply for funds through the Conservation License Plate Grant Program, State Wildlife Grants, and/or Traditional Section 6 Grants. Projects funded through these programs assist in the conservation and recovery of listed species and inform evaluations of the status of Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

Nongame and Rare Species Grants

Conservation License Plates Grant Program

These pass-through grants are a source of funding for the conservation community to conserve the natural resources of Texas. Potentially fundable efforts include youth outreach, increasing wildlife viewing opportunities, habitat restoration, coalition building, and research on rare and sensitive species.

Section 6 Traditional Grants

Section 6 of the U.S. Endangered Species Act has authorized yearly allocation of funds into the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund to be accessed by states through their state agencies operating under a current Cooperative Agreement with the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The broadly stated objective for these funds is assist in development of programs for the conservation of endangered and threatened species or to assist in monitoring the status of candidate species and recovered species.

State Wildlife Grants

The State Wildlife Grants Program provides funds for developing and implementing programs that benefit nongame wildlife and their habitats. Each state is responsible for implementing its own plans and management strategies for effective wildlife conservation based on its Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (State Wildlife Action Plan for Texas). Priority is placed on projects that benefit Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

Research Reports