Texas Ag Science - Clay Target Shooting

State Ag Clays Shoot June 6-7, 2016 at the National Shooting Sports Complex in San Antonio, TX.



This program introduces Clay Target Shooting, also known as Ag Clays, to students who participate in Wildlife, Fisheries, and Ecology Management curriculum. It is designed to enhance the Ecology Management portion of this course by developing personal skills that may be carried on throughout a lifetime of enjoyment of the outdoors. This curriculum has specific extracurricular time and this shooting activity may apply as part of that time spent in the field.

A variety of competitions are held throughout the state that offer team and individual prizes, as well as cash scholarships.

AG Clays Rules Summary

  • Open to all schools with  Wildlife , Fisheries, and Ecology Management curriculum.
  • Open to all students currently enrolled (or previously enrolled)  Wildlife , Fisheries, and Ecology Management curriculum, as long as they are still in school or have graduated at mid-term, or will graduate in the current school year. Graduates of previous school years are ineligible.
  • Must complete Hunter Education certification before starting the AG Clays Program.
  • Must maintain UIL grade requirements. (No pass, No play)
  • Zero tolerance for any Penal Code violation or Game/Fish Law violation.
  • AG Clays starts with the game of Trap, which is shot with a "Squad" of five (5) individuals.
  • Competition will consist of shooting 4 rounds of 25 clays per round for a total of 100 clays; with 50 rounds on one field, a rest period and then 50 rounds on another field.

Team Rules

  • Teams will consist of four (4) individuals.
  • The top three (3) individual scores will be used for overall team scoring.
  • Lowest score will be dropped.
  • If team consists of only three (3) members, then all scores will be used.
  • Every attempt will be made to see that same school members shoot in the same squad.
  • If a team has less than 4 members, individuals from other schools will make up the squad and will shoot with that team.
  • Teams may be All-Male, All-Female or Mixed-Gender.
  • Schools may have only One All-Male, One All-Female and/or One Mixed-Gender team per school.
  • Mixed-Gender will consist of at least one member of the opposite gender.
  • If a school only has an All-Male team and an All-Female team, the Mixed-Gender team may be comprised of members from both teams.
  • The Mixed-Gender team members must be designated before the competition begins.
  • Once any team is designated, no substitutions are allowed, and only the top three (3) scores will be counted.
  • If a Mixed-Gender team consists of 3 males and 1 female, the lowest male score is dropped.
  • If a Mixed-Gender team consists of 3 females and 1 male, the lowest female score is dropped.
  • No limit to number of individual students per school shooting for High Point Overall score.
  • There will be an "All Male" and an "All Female" Division with a High Point Overall award for each.
  • When only one or two individual/s represent a school, the individual/s will compete for High Point Overall award only.
  • Shotguns may not be larger than 12 gauge.
  • Students may use their own firearms if maintained in operable and safe condition.
  • Teams are responsible for supplies, (i.e. eye and ear protection, ammo, clay birds, etc.)
  • Teams are responsible for securing adequate ranges (public or private).
  • The Ag Clays State Shoot location and date will be announced in adequate time for preparation.
  • As the program grows, there may be designated "Regional Shoots" held prior to the State Shoot.
  • Ag Teacher/Advisor must be a certified Hunter Education Instructor.
  • Team may be coached by someone other than the Ag Teacher.
  • Schools are encouraged to obtain sponsors and support for their teams through businesses, organizations and individuals.
  • Registration for the Ag Clays State Shoot will be determined according to location and target cost.
  • Amateur Trap Association Rules will apply during shoot.
    1. Squadding, Sec. IV, Rule G
    2. Shoot Offs, Sec. IV, Rule H
    3. Safety, Sec. IV, Rule I
    4. Scoring, Sec. VII, Rule A-E
    5. Standards, Sec. XIII, Rule A-F
    6. Ammunition, Sec. XIII

For more Information, contact Morgan Harbison at (512) 413-0194 (cell) or email: morgan.harbison@tpwd.texas.gov. For information, look at the Shooting Opportunities page.

NOTE: Students and schools also have the option to join the 4-H Shooting Sports where scholarships are available at state and national competitions. This gives them added opportunities to hone their skills.

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