Bowhunter Education

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BowhunterNBEF-Approved Course (National Bowhunter Education Foundation)

Bowhunter education certification DOES NOT substitute for Texas Hunter Education Certification.

  • Classroom Course - 6 hours of basic instruction. Some courses may be extended in length to cover added topics.
  • Online + Field Course - Completion of an approved online course plus a 4 hour minimum "field day" including live-fire and other skill-based activities. Be sure to look up and register for a bowhunter education field course near you prior to completing the online course.

There is a $15 certification fee (NOT including the online course fee). Minimum age for certification is 9 years of age.

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Bowhunters should: 

  1. Be SAFE (inspect bows/arrows, quivered points, etc.)
  2. Be LEGAL (archery rules, bow hunting regulations)
  3. Take a GOOD SHOT (practice, shot placement, etc.)
  4. RECOVER GAME (blood trailing, field dressing, etc.)

Treestand Safety

The number one cause of hunting incidents in North America is falls from tree stands. To avoid falls learn more about tree stand safety!

Arrow Performance and Penetration

Based on years of research, Dr. Ed Ashby and the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation, Houston, TX, published the 12 Factors Affecting Arrow Lethality -- with the goal of improving shot performance and game recovery (objectives 3 and 4 above).

    Become a Bowhunter Education Instructor

    To become a Bowhunter Education Instructor, you must Become an Instructor by:

    1. Attending both a bowhunter education and hunter education STUDENT courses, and

    2. taking a TPWD Bowhunter Education Instructor Course completed with or separately from a Hunter Education Instructor Course

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