Become an Instructor

Hunter Education's goals are to reduce hunting related accidents and violations; promote safe, responsible and knowledgeable hunting; and enhance hunting traditions and values. We now have more than 3,100 active instructors, including TPWD staff & game wardens, volunteers and professional educators. Instructor-led courses certify and average of 23,000 students per year.

Steps to Instructor Certification

  1. Complete the Hunter Education Student Course if you have not already done so.
  2. Register for a Hunter Education Instructor Course - see Instructor Course Schedule.
  3. Download and complete these documents.
  4. Take your completed APPLICATION and signed consent/waiver forms to the Instructor Course. TPWD staff or Area Chief teaching the instructor course will collect all applicable, signed forms and mail to Austin, Attn; Hunter Education, along with their Instructor Final Report form.
  5. Also, take the GAME WARDEN INTERVIEW form (blank) with you to the instructor course.  if a game warden is present at the course, he/she will conduct an interview and give your completed form to the TPWD Staff member or Area Chief.  If a game warden is not present at the Instructor course, please take the blank form to your local game warden. He/she will conduct a proper interview and sign the form, then send it directly to TPWD, 4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX  78744, Attn: Hunter Education.  (Please go to TPWD web site for county list of Game Wardens and their cell phone #s.)
  6. Review the required Instructor Manual prior to attending the instructor training. After processing your application, interview, and course results, TPWD will mail you a "Congratulatory Letter/Packet" with your a name tag template and an instructor patch. Once certified, you will access your own certification card at your account page called 'dashboard' on the ORS (hunter education database) system.

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Hunter Education Instructors are responsible to and represent the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
  • Instructors shall accept students of all ages in the Hunter Education program as prescribed in Hunter Education Program, Policies and Procedures.
  • Instructor applicants must be at least 21 years of age, of reasonably good health, high integrity, pass a written exam and submit to an oral interview by a game warden. Assistant Instructor applicants must be at least 15 years of age and be sponsored by a certified instructor.  A criminal background check will be conducted, and those failing to meet certain standards may be denied certification.
  • In order to maintain active status, instructors must certify five or more students per year. 
  • Instructors should attend a minimum of one conference, meeting and/or in-service training workshop at least one time per year.