The Wildlife Division's mission is to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. To accomplish this mission, Division personnel annually conduct about 1,240 wildlife population surveys, provide recommendations concerning the management of about 1,200 vertebrate wildlife species, conduct about 75 wildlife research studies, manage 51 wildlife management areas totaling 755,000 acres, hold public hunts on more than 219 tracts of land totaling more than 1.4 million acres, provide landowner incentives to manage for rare species, inform the public about wildlife, provide technical guidance to private landowners, and develop more than 5,200 active wildlife management plans for about 19.3 million acres of private lands.

Key Issues:

Headquarters Location

4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744


Clayton Wolf
Director of Wildlife
(512) 389-8092

Headquarters Staff

Field Staff

  • Region 1 - Billy Tarrant
    Regional Director
    (432) 837-2051
  • Region 2 - Dale Prochaska
    Regional Director
    (325) 641-9234
  • Region 3 - Corey Mason
    Regional Director
    (903) 566-1626
  • Region 4 - Len Polasek
    Regional Director
    (361) 790-0306

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