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Due to Covid-19 and the strain on TPWD resources, Internal Affairs will only be handling complaints regarding alleged employee misconduct at this time. Any complaints regarding State Park facilities or business may be directed to


The Office of Internal Affairs was established in 1991 and is a fact-finding entity with the task of protecting the public, the employees and TPWD through a consistent and thorough investigative process. Internal Affairs investigates allegations of serious policy violations and/or illegal acts, incidents involving the discharge of firearms resulting in injury or death and special investigations assigned by the Executive Director. It is also the responsibility of Internal Affairs to provide executive protection and security for TPW Commissioners, the Executive Director and other dignitaries as assigned. Assistance on internal audits is provided upon request.

Internal Affairs is a unit of the Executive Director’s staff and is composed of the Director of Internal Affairs, two investigators (captains), two forensic fraud auditors, and one administrative technician. Areas of responsibility include:

Formal Complaint Investigations, Administrative Inquiries, Firearm Discharge Investigations, Legal Inquiries, Criminal Investigations, and reviewing Personnel Investigations at the request of the Human Resources Division.


The Office of Internal Affairs’ mission is to independently, objectively and expeditiously investigate alleged misconduct by TPWD employees. Investigators are charged with seeking the truth to protect the public, the accused employee and the department. All investigations will be conducted with discipline and impartiality assuring fair and just findings.


The core standards of Internal Affairs are those principles which form the foundation of Internal Affairs’ work and conduct.


In accordance with Parks and Wildlife Code, Chapter 11, Subchapter B, Section 11.0174 (PWC §11.0174), the Executive Director shall establish the office of Internal Affairs and appoint the head or Director of the office.

Internal Affairs has departmental jurisdiction over all investigations of cases alleging criminal conduct 1) occurring on department property; 2) engaged in by on-duty TPWD employees; or 3) engaged in by commissioned officers performing off-duty work related to their official duties. The Director of Internal Affairs reports directly to the Executive Director.

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Complaint Investigation and Resolution

Non-TPWD Employees

How to File a General Complaint

Persons who are not TPWD employees and who wish to initiate a formal complaint concerning any aspect of TPWD operations should submit the complaint in writing to the Executive Office, Office of Internal Affairs. It is the goal of Internal Affairs to resolve cases within 90 days when possible. Please review the FAQ's before starting the formal complaint process.

TPWD Employees

How to File a Complaint

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Texas Parks and Wildlife
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Phone: (512) 389-4748, and select one of the following options:


Internal Affairs Complaint Resources

Complaint Investigation and Resolution Process

How to File a General Complaint

PWD-185 TPWD Complaint Form

ADA Accessibility Complaint Resources

Internal Affairs does not process ADA Accessibility complaints. ADA complaints should follow the procedures set forth by the TPWD ADA Coordinator.


PWD-1164 ADA Accessibility Complaint Form