Finance Committee

Wednesday, 9:00 a.m., August 26, 1998

Commission Hearing Room
4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744
Subject Public Hearing
Agenda Item No.
  Approval of the Committee Minutes from the previous meeting.  
  Summary of Minutes  
1. Chairman's Charges (Oral Presentation) Committee Only
2. FY99 Operating and Capital Budget
Staff: Jayna Burgdorf
3. Texas Parks and Wildlife Investment Policy
Staff: Melanie Callahan
4. Grants
Staff: Tim Hogsett
Committee Only
5. Other Business  

Summary of Minutes
Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Finance Committee
June 3, 1998

BE IT REMEMBERED that heretofore on the 3rd day of June 1998, there came to be heard matters under the regulatory authority of the Parks and Wildlife Commission of Texas, in the commission hearing room of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Headquarters complex, Austin, Travis County, Texas beginning at 9:28 a.m., to wit:


Dick Heath, Chair
Mickey Burleson
Nolan Ryan
Lee M. Bass
Ernest Angelo, Jr.
John Avila, Jr. (absent)
Clymer (absent)
Susan Howard-Chrane
Carol Dinkins

Commissioner Dick Heath called the meeting to order. The opening statement was read into the record by Executive Director Andrew Sansom.


Commissioner Dick Heath asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the April 16, 1998 meeting. The motion was moved by Commissioner Nolan Ryan and seconded by Commissioner Susan Howard-Chrane. The motion passed unanimously.


1. BRIEFING - Chairman's Charges
Presenter: Andrew Sansom

Mr. Sansom stated that the first charge with the Finance Committee was to implement the authority and direction given by the legislature specifically in this Committee that referred to the issuance of $60 million in revenue bonds. This charge will be discussed in the Ad Hoc Infrastructure Committee.

Mr. Sansom stated that the management audit is underway in the Department. The audit has been completed of our agency revenue system. The state auditors are continuing to work to complete a management audit on the State Parks and Infrastructure Divisions.

2. BRIEFING - Financial Review
Presenter: Jayna Burgdorf

Account 9 Game, Fish and Water. We are at approximately 90% of license sales. License revenue is up 2.5 million through May 27, 1998 from prior year including overall combination license sales which are up 35% as compared to last year. Resident fishing and resident hunting sales are also up at this time. Boat registration and titling is up September through May, 63% of expected revenue has been reached, and we are up over last year by almost $250,000.

Account 64, State Park comparisons show that between September and May revenue is up 6.7% from the prior year.

Ms. Burgdorf explained the preliminary operating and capital budget information, 95% budgeting and salary/operating/equipment ratios.

3. ACTION - Local Park Grant Program Administrative Rule Changes
Presenter: Mr. Tim Hogsett

Mr. Hogsett requested the authorization to publish the proposed amendment to 31 Texas Administrative Code, Part 61-129 (9) in the Texas Register for public comment.

The motion was moved by Commissioner Mickey Burleson and seconded by Commissioner Carol Dinkins. The motion passed unanimously.

Five representatives of local government entities gave briefings on how the department's local park grant program has assisted their communities.

4. ACTION - Reciprocal License Agreement
Presenter: Mr. Ken Kurzawski

Mr. Kurzawski requested to add to the Administrative Code existing agreements for Louisiana and Texas residents which would allow them to fish both sides of the border waters with their license. There is no functional or fiscal impact to this. The additional change granted the Commission additional authority and this allowed nonresidents licensed by Louisiana to be treated the same as Louisiana residents, allowing them to fish both sides of the border waters with a Louisiana nonresident license. Louisiana will reciprocate for nonresident license by Texas. It was requested to move the proposed changes as published in the May 1 issue of the Texas Register to the full Commission as a consent agenda item.

The motion was moved by Commissioner Susan Howard-Chrane and seconded by Commissioner Ernest Angelo, Jr. The motion passed unanimously.

V. ADJOURNMENT - Commissioner Dick Heath adjourned the committee.

Committee Agenda Item No. 1
Presenter: Andrew Sansom

Finance Committee
Chairman's Charges
August 1998

(This item will be an oral presentation.)

Committee Agenda Item No. 2
Presenter: Jayna Burgdorf

Finance Committee
FY99 Operating and Capital Budget
August 1998

(This is Public Hearing Agenda Item No. 3.)

Committee Agenda Item No. 3
Presenter: Melanie Callahan

Finance Committee
Texas Parks and Wildlife Investment Policy
August 1998

(This is Public Hearing Agenda Item No. 9.)

Committee Agenda Item No. 4
Presenter: Tim Hogsett

Finance Committee
August 1998

I. Discussion: Tomorrow the Commission will consider award of grants for parks and recreation from the Texas Recreation and Parks Account for trails from the National Recreational Trail Fund, and for boat ramps from the Sport Fish Restoration Boating Access program.

Park grants will include applications from 44 sponsors, requesting $13,477,468 in matching funds for all applications submitted by January 31, 1998. Boat ramps grants will include applications from 4 sponsors requesting $944,170 in matching funds.

Trail grants will include applications from 58 sponsors requesting $1,796,124 in matching funds.

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