Presenter: Tim Hogsett

Commission Agenda Item No. 3
Boat Ramp Funding
January 1999

I. DISCUSSION: The State Boat Ramp Program was authorized in 1975 by the Sixty-fourth Legislature. The program provides funds for the purchase, construction and maintenance of boat ramps, access roads and related improvements. Program funds may also be used for capital improvements to existing state boat ramp sites. The program receives funding from two sources: (1) The Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act, also known as the Wallop-Breaux Program, and (2) The State Game, Fish and Water Safety Fund.

Fifteen percent of the State's annual apportionment from the federal Wallop-Breaux Program must be used to provide public access for motor boating facilities. Construction for new ramps is supported on a 75 percent (state) - 25 percent (local) basis. Capital improvements and repairs to existing state ramps are currently financed by the State.

The Department received five applications for new ramp construction requesting $899,685.00 in matching fund assistance by the July 31, 1998 deadline. Federal Wallop-Breaux funds available at this time for boating access projects include $3,287,992.00.

II. RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends the Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"Funding for new construction projects as listed in Exhibit A in the amount of $899,685.00 is approved, as described for individual projects in Exhibit B."

Attachments - 3

1. Exhibit A – Project Listing
2. Exhibit B - Discussion of Individual Project Proposals
3. Exhibit C - Fiscal Note (Exhibits B and C - Available upon request)

Commission Agenda Item No. 3
Exhibit A

Project Listing
Local Requests for State Boat Ramp Funds

Baytown Goose Creek Boat Ramp $375,000.00 $375,000.00 $375,000.00
Corsicana Lake Halbert Boat Ramp $204,525.00 $204,525.00 $579,525.00
La Grange Colorado River at US 71 Business Boat Ramp $68,025.00 $68,025.00 $647,550.00
Panola County FWSD #1 Lake Murvaul Boat Ramp $47,625.00 $47,625.00 $695,175.00
Texarkana Bringle Lake Regional Park Boat Ramp $204,510.00 $204,510.00 $899,685.00
TOTAL $899,685.00 $899,685.00 $899,685.00

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