Presenter: Ken Kurzawski

Commission Agenda Item No. 6
Crappie Harvest Regulations on Joe Pool Reservoir
January 1999

I. DISCUSSION: The department has received a petition with signatures from Ms. Mildred Walker, who operates Lynn Creek Marina on Joe Pool Reservoir, requesting that the regulations for harvesting crappie from Joe Pool Reservoir be changed from the current 10-inch minimum length limit and 25 fish daily bag to no minimum length limit and 25 fish daily bag during December 1 through February 15 of the following year. These anglers believe there is an overabundance of small (less than 10 inch) crappie and wish to harvest some of these fish. Population survey data collected by Inland Fisheries field staff does not indicate an overabundance of small crappie. Abundance indices (as measured by trap nets) have declined in recent years, and abundance of all sizes of crappie is low. Continued protection from overharvest appears necessary at this time to maintain this population at levels where natural reproduction can allow it to recover.

II. RECOMMENDATION: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission deny the petition for rulemaking.

Attachments - 2

1. Exhibit A - Petition for Rulemaking (Note: Sheets with an additional 60 signatures were also received)
2. Exhibit B - Fiscal Note
(Exhibits A and B - Available upon request.)