Presenter: Mike Herring

Commission Agenda Item No. 11
Land Sale – Wood County
November 1998

I. DISCUSSION: Governor Hogg Shrine State Historical Park, located in the City of Quitman, in Wood County, was acquired by the State Parks Board in 1949, by legislative action. It commemorates James Stephen Hogg, the first native Texan to be governor. The park contains 26.7 acres, and includes two buildings (the Honeymoon Cottage and the Stinson Home) which are historic in nature, and contain original furnishings provided by Ms. Ima Hogg.

The City of Quitman approached the Department with a desire to manage the site as a local park. Since the park is somewhat duplicative of two other park units (Jim Hogg State Park in Rusk, and Varner-Hogg Plantation in West Columbia) and is primarily of local interest, the staff feels a transfer of jurisdiction is appropriate.

The most appropriate method of transfer is contained in Parks and Wildlife Code 13.009 which authorizes the executive director to sell real property if the property is no longer suitable for the purpose for which it was acquired. In this instance the compensation to the Department would be the City’s acceptance of operation and maintenance responsibilities for the site. Because of the historic importance of the two buildings and furnishings, the Department will retain some oversight and maintenance responsibilities in these areas. A management agreement will be developed that will allow the City to administer all facilities.

II. RECOMMENDATION: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Executive Director is authorized to take all necessary steps to sell the Governor Hogg Shrine State Historical Park to the City of Quitman, in consideration for the City’s assumption of operation and maintenance responsibilities.

The Executive Director is further authorized to retain sufficient interest in the Honeymoon Cottage and the Stinson Home to insure protection of the historical integrity of these structures and is authorized to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the City for administration of these facilities."

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