Presenters: Kathy Boydston

Commission Agenda Item No. 8
Nomination for Oil and Gas Lease
Monument Hill/Kreische Brewery State Park
Fayette County
May 2001

I. Discussion: The Department has been requested to nominate the tract of land known as the Monument Hill/Kreische Brewery State Park, for oil and gas leasing. The Department owns all the minerals, approximately 39.54 mineral acres, under the tract. The entire tract has been nominated.

The staff recommends the Commission continue its policy of requiring a minimum cash bonus bid of $150 per acre and a fixed royalty of 25 percent, with a $10 per acre delay rental for a 3-year lease. It is also recommended that the lease be subject to the restrictions shown in Exhibit A.

II. Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motions:

"The Executive Director is authorized to nominate for oil and gas lease to the Board for Lease for Parks and Wildlife Lands, the Department's mineral interest in the Monument Hill/Kreische Brewery State Park, at $150 per acre with a 25 percent royalty, $10 per acre rental, and a 3-year term, incorporating the restrictions set out in Exhibit A."

Attachments – 2

  1. Exhibit A – Conditions
  2. Exhibit B – Fiscal Note ( Available Upon Request)

Commission Agenda Item No. 4
Exhibit A

Restriction on Drilling

The lease shall contain the following provision:

Any provision herein to the contrary notwithstanding, it is agreed and understood that no entry shall be permitted on the surface of the leased land. Any development of the land shall be by means of directional wells located off the leased land, or by pooling of said land with other land or leases as provided by Subchapter E, Chapter 52, Natural Resources Code.