Presenter: Frances Stiles

Commission Agenda Item No. 4
Proposed Print Artwork Program
November 2003

I. Executive Summary: This item provides the Committee/Commission the opportunity to review and approve the artwork utilized for the annual stamp and print program for Waterfowl, Saltwater, Turkey, Nongame, and Freshwater Fish programs.

II. Discussion: Under the terms of the state artwork design and marketing contract with Collectors Covey for Departmental print programs, the Commission approves the artwork for the design of five of the collector stamps each year. The artwork for the remaining three collector series stamps is provided by the TPWD in-house artist.

The artwork offered for fiscal year 2005 stamps consists of:

Print Year Artwork Subject Artist
2004 Waterfowl American Goldeneye Scott & Steward Gentling
2004 Nongame Kingfisher Joe Hautman
2004 Turkey Rio Grande Turkey Eldridge Hardie
2004 Saltwater Blue Marlin Don Ray
2004 Freshwater Fish Largemouth Bass Mark Sussino

The original artwork will be available for Commission review during the committee meeting and in electronic format for the public meeting. If the Commission finds the artwork satisfactory, the motion shown below is proposed for Commission consideration.

III. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approves the use of the above listed artwork for the print and stamp designs. The Executive Director is authorized to take the necessary steps to provide these stamps for sale to the public."

Attachment - 1
1. Exhibit A - Fiscal Note

Commission Agenda Item No. 4
Exhibit A

Fiscal Note
Proposed Print Artwork Program
November 2003

Item Sponsor: Frances Stiles
Note Prepared By: Frances Stiles

Brief Description: Item proposes approval of year 2004 artwork for the print and stamp designs of waterfowl, saltwater, nongame, turkey, and freshwater fishery programs. FY2004 revenue indicated below is already assumed within the FY2004 revenue forecast and is therefore provided for informational purposes only.

Estimated Revenue
Artwork FY2004 FY2005 FY2006 Annual Ongoing
Waterfowl Artwork $40,700 $38,225 $36,000 $36,000
Nongame Artwork $2,200 $2,100 $2,000 $2,000
Turkey Artwork $6,000 $5,600 $5,300 $5,300
Saltwater Artwork $13,700 $12,900 $12,100 $12,100
Freshwater Fish $15,000 $13,000 $12,500 $12,500
Total $62,600 $58,825 $55,400 $55,400

Explanation: Revenue figures assume continuation of the artwork programs including Commission approval of new artwork for each fiscal year. Amounts indicated are based on recent historical trends for print royalty revenues and do not reflect the additional revenue received from the sale of the collectors stamp series, which averages $20,900 on an annual basis. Artwork approved by this agenda item for Print Year 2005 prints will generate royalty revenues in FY2006.

Waterfowl and turkey stamp revenue is deposited to the Game, Fish and Water Safety Account 009, and statutorily dedicated for those programs. Saltwater stamp revenue is deposited as 70 percent to the Game, Fish and Water Safety Account 009 and 30 percent to a dedicated fund within the Game, Fish and Water Safety Account 009. Nongame stamp revenue is deposited to the Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Account 506, and is statutorily dedicated for nongame and endangered species program. The money received from the sales of the freshwater fishery will be deposited to a fund specifically set up for the collection and allocation associated with the TPWD fishery issues.

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