Presenter: Ted Hollingsworth

Commission Agenda Item No. 20
Land Donation – Brewster County
Black Gap Wildlife Management Area
(Donation from Texas Bighorn Society)
August 2006

I. Executive Summary: The Texas Bighorn Society (TBS) is funding several contracts with willing landowners of inholdings at the Black Gap Wildlife Management Area. These acquisitions will be donated to TPWD.

II. Discussion: In March 2006, TBS voted to contribute up to $100,000 for acquisition of inholdings of land in bighorn sheep habitat within the Black Gap WMA. Staff created maps of those inholdings, prioritized tracts within primary sheep habitat, and contacted owners. To date, contracts totaling 1,380 acres have been negotiated with five willing sellers.

Upon authorization, staff will proceed to arrange transaction closings, with titles passing directly to TPWD. TBS will fully fund each closing.

III. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Executive Director is authorized to take all necessary steps to acquire tracts totaling up to approximately 1,380 acres as donations for addition to Black Gap Wildlife Management Area."

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  1. Exhibit A – Property Map

Commission Agenda Item No. 20
Exhibit A

Property Map

Subject tracts are shown in red color blocks.

This image is a representation of where the donated property lies in relation to Black Gap WMA.

For help in interpreting this map, please contact Corky Kuhlmann.