Presenter: Al Bingham

Commission Agenda Item No. 8
Natural Leaders Reunion Conference and Banquet
May 24, 2007

I. Executive Summary: The TPWD "Natural Leaders (NL)" program is designed to give motivated TPWD supervisors and program leaders an opportunity to develop their leadership skills while working on projects of significance to the agency. Human Resources Director, Al Bingham, will provide a briefing on the upcoming Natural Leaders Reunion Conference and Banquet which will reunite alumni of the seven NL classes completed since the program was started in 2000. The event is scheduled July 17-19, 2007 at the Camp Allen Conference Center in Navasota, Texas.

II. Discussion: The "TPWD Natural Leaders" program is an internal leadership development program with the purpose of producing and maintaining a cadre of leaders with the necessary confidence, courage, creativity and flexibility to move the agency forward in meeting current and future challenges. The program was begun in 2000, and in 2001 was awarded the State of Texas Human Resources Innovative Practices Award. Components of the 12-month program include formal leadership training (conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership), a stretch assignment, and project presentation. Six NL classes, consisting of over 135 staff members have been completed since 2000. This reunion conference will bring together the alumni of all six classes for 2.5 days of intensive follow-up on a variety of leadership topics and team building exercises.