Presenter: Rich McMonagle

Commission Agenda Item No. 5
FY 2010 General Obligation Bond Program
New Bond Proceeds
Facility Repairs Resolution
August 27, 2009

I. Executive Summary: In May 2009, the 81st Legislature authorized the issuance of and debt service for $28 million in general obligation bonds for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for facility repairs.

II. Discussion: For the issuance of the $28 million of General Obligation bonds authorized by the 81st Legislature, a resolution authorizing a request for financing and the execution of financing documents is required between TPWD and the Texas Public Finance Authority (TPFA).

III. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopts by resolution (Exhibit A) the "Resolution Authorizing a Request for Financing and the Execution and Delivery of Documents Required to Effect Such Financing."

Attachments - 2

  1. Exhibit A - Bond Financing Resolution for Facility Repairs
  2. Exhibit B - Project Lists (B-1, B-2, B-3)

Commission Agenda Item No. 5
Exhibit A

A Resolution for Facility Repairs
Authorizing a Request for Financing
and the Execution and Delivery of Documents
Required to Effect Such Financing

Whereas, the Texas Public Finance Authority (the “Authority”) is authorized to issue general obligation bonds to finance the cost of certain projects for the use and benefit of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (“Agency”) pursuant to Article III, Section 50g, Texas Constitution; Chapter 1232, Texas Government Code; Article VI, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Rider 2, pp vi-33 and vi-34, Senate Bill 1, (General Appropriations Act) 81st Texas Legislature, R.S. (2009); Article IX, Sec. 17.11, Informational Listing General Obligation Bond Proceed, pp ix-70 and ix-71, Senate Bill 1, 81st Texas Legislature, R.S. (2009) (collectively, the “Authorizing Law”).

Whereas, the Agency desires and intends to request the Authority to finance the cost of the projects as permitted by the Authorizing Law; and

Whereas, the Agency recognizes that in order to finance the cost of the projects, the Authority may issue short-term obligations, general obligation bonds, either or both (“Obligations”) in an aggregate principal amount sufficient to finance project costs in the estimated amount of $28,006,000 plus the costs of issuance and related administrative costs, if any, which will be determined at the time of issuance; and

Whereas, pursuant to Article VI, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Rider 31, pg vi-40 and Article IX, Section 17.11, pp ix-70 and ix-71 of Senate Bill 1 (2009), projects funded with bond proceeds are subject to approval of the Legislative Budget Board;

Whereas, the form of a Request for Financing, dated as of August 27, 2009, (the “Request for Financing”), from the Agency to the Authority, which includes a detailed description of the projects to be financed for the Agency (“Projects “ herein) and a proposed expenditure schedule, is presently before the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.

Now Therefore Be It Resolved by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission that:

Section 1. The purpose of the financing is to provide funds sufficient to complete the Projects, and the financing thereof is appropriate at this time. Accordingly, the execution and delivery of the Request for Financing to the Authority pursuant to the Authorizing Law is hereby ratified, approved and confirmed.

Section 2. The Executive Director of the Agency is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to:

a. sign and deliver any and all documents necessary or desirable to effect the financing and provide the projects, which documents may include but not be limited to a Memorandum of Understanding and a Financing Agreement between the Agency and the Authority;

b. cooperate with the Authority and its consultants to prepare an Official Statement in connection with the sale of the Obligations;

c. and to take any other action necessary to assist in such sale.

Section 3. All actions not inconsistent with provisions of this Resolution heretofore taken by the Agency, its officers, employees, agents or consultants, directed toward the financing of the Projects and the issuance of the Obligations, is hereby ratified, approved and confirmed.

Section 4. The officers and employees of the Agency shall take all action in conformity with the Authorizing Law to effect the issuance of the Obligations and complete the Projects as provided in the Agreement and to take all action necessary or desirable or in conformity with the Authorizing Law for carrying out, giving effect to, and consummating the transactions contemplated by the Memorandum of Understanding, the Agreement, the Obligations, and the Request for Financing, including without limitation, the execution and delivery of any closing documents in connection with the closing of the Obligations.

Section 5. The proposed Projects will be submitted to the Legislative Budget Board for its approval.

Section 6. This Resolution was adopted at a meeting open to the public, and public notice of the time, place and purpose of said meeting was given, all as required by Ch. 551, Texas Government Code.

In official recognition of the adoption of this resolution in a lawfully called public meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, we hereby affix our signatures this 27th day of August 2009.


Peter M. Holt, Chairman


T. Dan Friedkin, Vice Chairman


Mark E. Bivins, Member


Ralph H. Duggins, Member


Antonio Falcon, M.D., Member


Karen J. Hixon, Member


Dan Allen Hughes, Jr., Member


Margaret Martin, Member


S. Reed Morian, Member

Commission Agenda Item No. 5
Exhibit B-1

Proposed Repairs

Note: Subject to change; Individual projects may be replaced by similar projects based on emerging needs and priorities.

Location Description Project Overview Estimated Project Cost
Hill Country State Natural Area Replace Existing Water System and Distribution Replace the water distribution network that provides the public with drinking water. $250,000
Hill Country State Natural Area Replace the Well at Group Lodge Replace the existing well and add a chlorinator in order to meet TCEQ standards. $135,000
San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site Repair Stone Soffit at San Jacinto Monument Replace damaged stones over two Monument entrance doors to eliminate further spalling and secure the area for visitor safety. $87,925
Garner State Park Replace the Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant Replace the current undersized system to meet TCEQ standards and to eliminate leaks. $1,375,203
Pedernales Falls State Park Replace the Raw Water Intake Pipe Under the River Replace the failing water intake pipe that serves as the park’s source of public drinking water from the Pedernales River. $206,355
Lost Maples State Natural Area Replace the Park Public Drinking Water Storage Tank Replace the deteriorating 22,000 gallon storage tank that supplies public drinking water. $115,000
Garner State Park Replace Restroom at Shady Meadows Replace worn out restrooms and address safety hazards. $300,000
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area Replace Composting Toilet Units Replace old and unsanitary existing composting toilet units in the park. $200,000
Garner State Park Repair Pavilion Dance Floor Repair cracks, chips, and uneven surfaces on the CCC Pavilion dance floor and address safety hazards. $57,214
Lake Corpus Christi State Park Replace 400-foot Fishing Pier Replace a previously highly used 400' lighted floating fishing pier which has been closed and declared unsafe by engineers. This very popular recreational structure needs to be demolished and replaced with a similar structure. $318,500
Fort Parker State Park Repair Group Barracks Complex Replace rusting galvanized water piping and wastewater plumbing in several buildings, replace HVAC units on four barracks and the staff barracks buildings, replace and seal siding on all nine buildings and make ADA modifications. $100,000
Davis Mountains State Park Renovate Black Bear Restaurant and Kitchen at Indian Lodge Renovate and remodel the Black Bear Restaurant to address several regulatory and health and safety concerns and to bring the restaurant into compliance. $475,000
Fort Parker State Park Replace Group Barracks Septic Field Replace the deteriorated septic field that services the group barracks camp area of the park. $75,975
Palo Duro Canyon State Park Replace Water Treatment Plant Replace current, obsolete water treatment plant that provides safe drinking water to visitors, staff, and concession businesses. $3,122,788
Huntsville State Park Replace Playgrounds Replace three old playground structures in the park and comply with ADA, ASTM and NPSI safety standards. $311,160
South Llano River State Park Replace Headquarters Building Replace the existing unsafe headquarters building with a new headquarters building. $562,500
South Llano River State Park Replace the Public Drinking Water Storage Tank Replace the existing non -compliant water storage tank with a new TCEQ compliant water tank for public drinking water. $236,045
Colorado Bend State Park Replace Existing Potable Water System Replace existing water treatment plant to address several TCEQ violations. $466,755
Huntsville State Park Repair Patio Wall at Lodge Design and implement a plan that will secure the settling concrete walls that surround Lake Raven, thereby increasing the safety of park visitors and protecting a CCC built historic building. $252,852
Huntsville State Park Rebuild Trail Bridge The trail bridge needs to be to be rebuilt on a permanently stabilized concrete foundation to prevent it from sinking. $91,000
Copper Breaks State Park Repair Camp Sites The Comanche camping loop needs the following repairs to meet visitor demands and ensure public health and safety: install lantern hangers, repair camping pads, ADA modifications, replace parking blocks to ensure safety and vehicle control, and reshingle or replace the existing shade shelters. These repairs are necessary to maintain campsites in operating order, meet ADA code, and answer visitor safety and comfort requirements. $406,727
Falcon State Park Upgrade Water and Electric Utilities Upgrade electrical service from 15 amps to 50 amps to comply with code and replace water distribution lines to 12 screened shelters. Upgrades will facilitate future conversion to climate controlled cabins. $145,744
Lost Maples State Natural Area Renovate Restrooms Repair the interior of the existing restrooms, to include replacement of accessories and ADA modifications. $130,000
San Angelo State Park Replace Restrooms Replace two deteriorated restrooms to increase visitor safety and comfort, as well as to meet ADA standards and TCEQ requirements. $1,275,000
Palmetto State Park Repair Refectory Building The project makes necessary structural repairs to the parks most significant historic CCC group facility. The project includes bringing the center piece facility into current building codes and accessibility standards while enhancing its revenue potential. $335,444
Lake Livingston State Park Construct ADA Sidewalk Path The bulkhead sidewalk along Lake Livingston has been repaired as part of the Hurricane Rita repairs; however, there is a need for an ADA accessible pathway from the swimming pool parking lot and the Piney Shores cabin parking lot down to the lakeside sidewalk. $175,433
Government Canyon State Natural Area Site Improvements to Mitigate Flood Risk Make improvements to the site to protect facilities from future floods $395,675
Bastrop State Park Repair CCC Cabins Roof Leaks Replace aged wood shake roof to eliminate leaks, cabin closure, water damage, loss of revenue, and to protect a CCC-built historic structure. $119,480
McKinney Falls State Park Replace Roof at Smith Visitors Center Replace the leaking wood shake roof with a metal roof to prevent further damage to the building’s interior. $180,814
Atlanta State Park Renovate Utilities Renovate all utilities in White Oak camp area, to include adding sewers, a new water line, and 50 amp electrical services. $400,000
Bastrop State Park Repair Siding and Windows on CCC Warehouse Replace exterior siding on CCC built historic structure to prevent further weather-related damage to the structural framing. $308,711
Caddo Lake State Park Renovate Utilities Renovate all utilities in Armadillo Run camp area, to include a new water line, sewer, and 50 amp electric services. $400,000
Hill Country State Natural Area Replace Restrooms Install three restrooms (headquarters, Chapa's camping area, and Bar-O camping area), replacing the composting toilet units with permanent restroom buildings. $1,400,000
Tyler State Park Replace Electrical Pedestals Replace remaining 30 amp pedestals with 50 amp pedestals in the Cedar Point Camping Area (Phase II). $133,000
Dinosaur Valley State Park Renovate the Park Store Replace windows, doors, and damaged roof. $37,500
Atlanta State Park Renovate Utilities Renovate all camp sites in the Wilkens Creek camp area. Add sewer, 50 amp electrical service, and new water lines. $426,653
Purtis Creek State Park Renovate Camp Sites Renovate all camp sites to include 50 amp electrical service and sewer hook ups. $376,653
Fort Richardson State Park and Historic Site Replace Roof at Interpretive Center Repair/Replace the existing roof on the replica historic structure in order to protect the displays and historic contents and enhance the interpretive potential for park. $86,391
Huntsville State Park Replace Park Amphitheater Construct a larger, covered pavilion for use by park visitors. $182,000
Davis Mountains State Park Improve Sewer System Phase II Phase II: Integrate the sewer system at Indian Lodge and the camping sites and restrooms in the Davis Mountains State Park with the Fort Davis Waste Water System. $1,800,000
Bonham State Park Renovate CCC Well House Renovate CCC structure to include replacing the siding and roofing. $150,000
Martin Creek Lake State Park Replace Partitions in Restrooms Replace all of the toilet partitions in two restrooms. $85,000
Bastrop State Park Restore CCC Cabins The project will make improvements to the cabins at Bastrop SP. The improvement will protect CCC built historical structures, allow the cabins to meeting local building codes, allow them to meet ADA standards, and enhance their revenue potential. $2,852,200
Total Estimated Project Cost $20,541,697

Commission Agenda Item No. 5
Exhibit B-2

Proposed Repairs

Note: Subject to change; Individual projects may be replaced by similar projects based on emerging needs and priorities.

Location Description Project Overview Estimated Project Cost
Matagorda Island Wildlife Management Area Bunkhouse Asbestos Abatement Perform asbestos abatement on the Wildlife Division Bunkhouse to eliminate health hazards posed to occupants. $89,488
Kerr Wildlife Management Area Replace Fuel System Replace the fuel storage tanks and dispensing units to comply with state and environmental regulations. $120,625
Sea Center Texas (Coastal Fisheries) Replace Discharge Line and Pump Station Construct replacement pump station and replace the existing discharge line with a 30" diameter forced main to correct current leaks which are causing sink holes on TPWD and neighboring property. Project provides adequate flow and water treatment. $1,000,000
Guadalupe Delta Wildlife Management Area Renovate Research Facility, Office, and Bunkhouse Replace existing inadequate research facility and offices with new research facilities and offices $242,222
CCA/CPL Marine Development Center (Coastal Fisheries) Replace Marine Development Center’s HVAC Replace obsolete HVAC units that are breaking down with increasing regularity. $180,626
Parrie Haynes Ranch (Communications) Repair Facility Infrastructure Replace cabin HVAC, ADA modifications, and repair the following: dining hall roof leaks and interior ceiling tiles, goat pen and Hunter Cabin well pump, windmill, swimming pool, lighting, equine cabin, and camper windows. *No funds used on this project until TPWD receives ownership. $120,029
The Nature Center — Tyler (Inland Fisheries) Replace Boat Storage Building Boat storage was removed to accommodate a paving project. This project replaces those and restores the site's ability to keep boats and equipment out of the weather. $62,039
Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (Inland Fisheries) Replace Rooftop HVAC Replace low efficiency units and heat strips with heat pumps. $150,000
Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (Inland Fisheries) Repair Roof Repair the roof leaks in several places that will compromise equipment and office environment. $25,000
Sea Center Texas (Coastal Fisheries) Replace Hatchery and Center Roof Repair the metal roofs that leak. The roofs are at the end of their life expectancy. $450,000
Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area Replace Exterior Siding Replace vinyl siding on two residences. $57,474
Brownsville Field Station (Coastal Fisheries) Replace Roof Replacement of roof on the Office and the Laboratory buildings, to include increasing the slope of the lab roof. $40,000
Dundee Fish Hatchery (Inland Fisheries) Replace Existing Office Replace the existing portable building. Staff offices are currently located in the maintenance building and in a portable building that is rapidly deteriorating. There is a need to office the staff together in one building. $1,141,420
James E Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area Replace Check Station Replace check station building with cooler room, office, and game preparation area. $180,000
CCA/CPL Marine Development Center (Coastal Fisheries) Replace Pond Liners Replace pond liners in one and a half acre ponds for a total of about 19 acres of plastic liner. $1,500,000
A E Wood Fish Hatchery (Inland Fisheries) Replace Valves Replace existing valves that allow leakage and partial flooding of sump. A number of valves need to be rebuilt or replaced and replace two large valves in the exit line. $187,668
Total Estimated Project Cost $5,546,591

Commission Agenda Item No. 5
Exhibit B-3

Proposed Repairs

Note: Subject to change; Individual projects may be replaced by similar projects based on emerging needs and priorities.

Location Description Project Overview Estimated Project Cost
Austin Headquarters Complex Upgrade Fire Detection System The HQ fire detection system requires a computer hardware and software upgrade to remain functional. $95,000
Austin Headquarters Complex Repair Restrooms Restroom repairs to include water conserving plumbing fixtures, partitions, finishes, energy efficient lighting, and ADA modifications. $1,132,712
Austin Headquarters Complex Convert & Enhance Building Management System Convert and enhance the agency’s current building management software system to be compatible with the system used by the energy management consultant, and to fully integrate the HVAC package units into the system. $480,000
Austin Headquarters Complex Replace Exterior Doors Replace all A, B and C-Wing store front doors at the main entries of the Main Building, including hardware, thresholds, weather-stripping, gaskets, locks, door contacts, headers, mullions, sealing C-Wing doors to prevent water intrusion, and resurfacing as necessary. $50,000
Austin Headquarters Complex Repair Building D Exterior Re-caulk, repaint, and replace roll-up doors and create new signage for Building D exterior. $90,000
Austin Headquarters Complex Replace Independent HVAC Units Replace three obsolete independent HVAC units that provide climate control to the Video Bay, HQ Police Office, and telephone switch room. $40,000
Austin Headquarters Complex Replace Liebert HVAC Units Replace the two obsolete Liebert HVAC units that provide climate control in the computer room. $30,000
Total Estimated Project Cost $1,917,712
Grand Total $28,006,000