Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission


Material contract changes for commission review — November 2, 2023
Contract Number Vendor Name Reason for Change Original Term Date Revised Term Date (if applicable) Original Contract Amount Revised Contract Amount (if applicable) Division
31366 Elliot Motors I LP - Dodge Jeep Internal repair to disassemble, evaluate, and diagnose an engine issue on 2009 Ford F-550, Property # 183892, Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area (WMA). The vendor could not duplicate the problem and stated that the exhaust gas temperature sensor was possibly going out of range and causing the engine to lock out and not crank/start. 6/26/23 7/20/23 $500.00 $679.00 WL
32393 Well Wise, LLC Internal repair, shop water well at Matador WMA. Actual repair costs exceeded initial estimate. After equipment was disassembled, it was determined that pump and control box needed to be replaced. 7/26/23 N/A $500.00 $3,418.00 WL
30584 Holt Texas, Ltd dba HOLT CAT Internal repair, Research Vessel (RV) Nueces, Property # 168289. Actual costs exceeded initial PO diagnostic amount. Several visits from technician were made over course of 3 months, with each unsuccessful in diagnosing and isolating the underlying issue. Each time, different diagnostic tools/equipment were used to attempt to isolate the issue with the boost failure for the RV. In addition, an additional technician accompanied primary technician to attempt to diagnose and correct issue. 5/31/23 8/31/23 $500.00 $4,295.80 CF
32901 Conroy Ford Tractor, Inc. Internal repair to disassemble, evaluate, and diagnose the power on the New Holland tractor, Property # 188549 at White Oak Creek WMA. The vendor removed and replaced the seal kit on the steering cylinder and added hydraulic fluid. 8/14/23 8/30/23 $500.00 $658.95 WL
33087 Southern Gulf Solutions, LLC Emergency repairs to do exploratory diagnostics on sinkholes at Sea Center Texas. Sinkholes were discovered by harvest kettles near pond # 2 and pond # 5. On 6/14/2023, PO # 31056 in the amount of $3,804.00 was issued to Vernor Material & Equipment to begin exploratory diagnostics. Vernor began exploratory diagnostics and spent 1.5 weeks at Sea Center Texas. Contractor stated that they would submit a quote for repairs but never followed through and stopped all communication. After several attempts at requesting a quote from Vernor, staff reached out to Norrell Construction for a quote. During this time, a 3rd sinkhole was discovered between ponds # 9 and # 10. On 7/27/2023, purchase order # 32402 at $26,001.67 was issued to Norrell Construction I&E LLC to begin exploratory diagnostics. Norrell provided a quote and started exploratory diagnostics on 3 sinkholes. After bringing in a subcontractor, Southern Gulf Solutions, Norrell decided they did not want to continue the project due to safety issues and recommended the subcontractor to do repairs. On 8/21/2023, purchase order # 33087 at $101,350.48 was issued to Southern Gulf Solutions to provide repairs to all 3 sinkholes. 6/14/23 8/31/23 $3,804.00 $101,350.48 CF
33622 Keith & Sons, Inc. Internal Repair to disassemble, evaluate, and diagnose Caddo Lake WMA’s modular building air conditioner unit, which had stopped working. The vendor replaced the compressor on the bard wall pack. 9/8/23 9/11/23 $500.00 $4,550.00 WL
34269 Dana Landon Busby, Jr. Internal repair to diagnose unknown issue with the sewer line at Fort Parker State Park. The vendor had the tank pumped, and the leak was detected and repaired. 9/20/23 9/22/23 $125.00 $4,354.00 SP
34416 Frank’s Repair Plumbing, Inc. Internal repair for HVAC unit located at the Gilvin Center, Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Vendor evaluated and diagnosed issues with HVAC unit, which was not cooling, and determined that it needed to recharge the vacuum drier. Vendor diagnosed and repaired the issue. Price for repairs included the original diagnosis fee ($89) and materials/labor charge ($4,650). 9/22/23 10/2/23 $89.00 $4,739.00 SP

Internal Repair Purchases

An internal repair is a repair to state-owned equipment that cannot be reasonably defined prior to the actual repair and the extent of the repair needed cannot be determined until the equipment is disassembled. Internal repairs are usually the result of an unexpected, basic service outage. For example, the unexpected failure of a building’s air conditioner may result in unanticipated repair to electrical circuitry, which would constitute an internal repair. Internal repairs must include labor and may include parts.

Competitive award is not required for an internal repair.  However, internal repairs are reported on the Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD), LBB website, and other transparency reports as required by state purchasing policies and procedures.

Internal Repair Procedures:

To limit agency liability, the following statement is added to the Purchase Order as a note to the supplier:
“Not to exceed {insert reasonable dollar limit} for repair services unless prior authorization is provided by the agency.”
After the equipment is taken apart and the issue identified, the vendor provides a quote to TPWD for review and approval.  If approved, the purchaser issues a contract amendment to formally approve the additional services and cost.

Emergency Purchases

Emergencies occur as the result of unforeseeable circumstances and may require an immediate response to avert an actual or potential public threat. If a situation arises in which compliance with normal procurement practices is impractical or contrary to the public interest, an emergency purchase may be warranted to prevent a hazard to life, health, safety, welfare, property or to avoid undue additional cost to the state.

Emergency Contract Awards are reported on the ESBD, LBB website, and other transparency reports as required by state purchasing policies and procedures.

In official recognition of the adoption of this resolution in a lawfully called public meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, we hereby affix our signatures this 2nd day of November, 2023.

Jeffery D. Hildebrand, Chairman

Dick Scott, Vice-Chairman

James E. Abell, Member

Oliver J. Bell, Member

William “Leslie” Doggett, Member

Paul L. Foster, Member

Anna B. Galo, Member

Robert L. “Bobby” Patton, Jr., Member

Travis B. “Blake” Rowling, Member