Grant Number, Project Title

E-1 Job 2.1: Comanche Springs pupfish (Cyprinodon elegans) status survey | PDF

E-1 Job 2.4: Devils River minnow population status | PDF

E-1 Job 7: Smalleye shiner status survey and habitat profile | PDF

E-1 Job 40: Status and conservation of the Pecos pupfish (Cyprinodon pecosensis) in Texas | PDF

E-1 Job 41: Chihuahuan Desert fishes status survey | PDF

E-1 Job 85: Monitoring effects of a renovation project on endangered fish and invertebrates in Diamond Y Draw | PDF

E-55: Distribution, status, habitat preferences, and reproductive ecology of smalleye shiner and sharpnose shiner in the Brazos Rive | PDF

E-81: Status survey Of Devils River minnow in historic range with emphasis on Coahuila, Mexico | PDF

E-83: Leon Springs pupfish recovery and genetic diversity: spawning habitat restoration and enhancement | PDF

E-90: Design for high quality habitat for the Comanche Springs pupfish (Cyprinodon elegans) | PDF

E-91: Biological monitoring of the repatriation efforts for the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow (Hybognathus amarus) in Texas | PDF

E-94: The Leon Springs pupfish recovery project at Diamond Y Draw: further monitoring of the population and the breeding habitat | PDF

E-103: Abundance and distribution of the threatened minnows Campostoma ornatum and Notropis chihuahua in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas | PDF

E-106: The Leon Springs pupfish recovery project at Diamond Y Draw: further monitoring of the population and the breeding habitat | PDF

E-109: Genetic status of San Felipe Gambusia | PDF

E-115: An evaluation of the relationship between stream flow and habitat availability for the Devils River minnow Dionda diaboli | PDF

E-115: Additional Materials |PDF

E-118: Conservation status of Comanche Springs pupfish (Cyprinodon elegans) and Pecos gambusia (Gambusia nobilis) in the ciénegas of Balmorhea State Park, Texas | PDF

E-130: Surveys for threatened and endangered mussels and fishes in rivers of Northeastern Texas | PDF
Additional Data | ZIP

E-136: Data compilation, distribution models, conservation planning, and status survey for selected fishes of concern in Texas and region | ZIP

E-138: Using ecological niche modeling to predict the probability of occurrence of rare fish and mussel species in East Texas - ongoing project | PDF

E-147: Identification of important fish hosts for East Texas freshwater mussels using genetic and ecological niche-modeling methods | PDF

E-150: Habitat expansion, genetic characterization, and population assessments of the highly endangered Leon Springs pupfish, Cyprinodon bovinus |PDF

E-155: Propagation and repatriation of native prairie stream minnows in the Middle Brazos River | PDF

E-159: Developing a predictive habitat model for the Comanche Springs pupfish (Cyprinoden elegans) to be used in species recovery |  PDF

E-169: Biological Monitoring of the Reintroduction Efforts of the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow into the Big Bend Region of Texas and Mexico | PDF

E-187: Impact of Hydrologic Alteration on Brazos River Vertebrates Final Performance Report |  PDF