MLDP - Managed Lands Deer Program

About MLDP

The Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) is intended to foster and support sound management and stewardship of native wildlife and wildlife habitats on private lands in Texas. Deer harvest is an important aspect of habitat management and conservation. Landowners enrolled in either the MLDP Harvest Option or Conservation Option are able to take advantage of extended season lengths and liberalized harvest opportunities.

Program Options

Harvest Option

The Harvest Option (HO) is an automated, 'do-it-yourself' option for MLDP participation that provides landowners with a deer harvest recommendation, tag issuance and general guidance about wildlife and wildlife habitat management. Participation in the Harvest Option does not require habitat management practices, deer population data or the participant to receive technical assistance from a TPWD wildlife biologist. Read more Harvest Option details in the MLDP Information PDF for download below.

Conservation Option

The Conservation Option (CO) offers program participants the opportunity to work with a TPWD biologist to receive customized, ranch-specific habitat and deer harvest recommendations and MLDP tag issuance for white-tailed deer and/or mule deer. This option does require the reporting of certain types of deer data as well as completion of specific habitat management practices each year in order to participate and remain in the program. Read more Conservation Option details in the MLDP Information PDF for download below.


MLDP participation is completely voluntary. Once enrolled, program participants must meet MLDP requirements for the full year of enrollment. Download the MLDP Information PDF for detailed program information and requirements.

How to Apply

Applicants seeking to enroll in either the MLDP Harvest or Conservation Option must complete an application through Texas Parks & Wildlife Department's Land Management Assistance (LMA) online system. The application will require the landowner to create an account and draw a property boundary. An email address is required for the landowner and any designated agents the landowner may assign to the account.

Apply on the Land Management Assistance website.

Enrollment and Deadlines

Harvest Option

Open enrollment for the Harvest Option (HO) is available from May 1 to September 1. HO enrollment is not automatically renewed, and must be requested each year.

Conservation Option

Open enrollment for the Conservation Option (CO) is available from April 2 to June 15. Once a CO enrollment is approved, it will be automatically renewed for the next hunting season as long as all required reports are submitted on time (by April 1 each year).

Deadline to Withdraw

The deadline to withdraw from MLDP participation is the Friday before the start of MLDP season each year. The applicant must formally withdraw from MLDP through the department's LMA online system. If the applicant fails to withdraw from MLDP by the deadline, no deer harvest may occur on the enrolled property except in accordance with MLDP rules during the enrollment year.