Wildlife Apps and Landowner Permits

TPWD offers a number of services and permits to help landowners achieve their land management goals. Below are the most popular opportunities, along with information on several popular hunting applications and the CWD test lookup service for Texas hunters. TPWD utilizes a number of secure online applications to assist with the administration of many of these programs, including several sites that make up the Texas Wildlife Information Management Services (TWIMS) family. If you are looking for a TWIMS application, please select the appropriate login link associated with the permit or program of interest.

Landowner Apps and Permits

Managed Lands Deer Program

A habitat focused program providing landowners participation opportunities via either a "self-serve" automated deer tag issuance option, or an option to work with a TPWD biologist to receive customized habitat and deer harvest recommendations. Participants in MLDP have the state's most flexible seasons and bag limits.

Register for MLDP participation via the Land Management Assistance (LMA) online system.

Private Lands Technical Guidance
(Land Management Assistance)

TPWD biologists are available to provide technical guidance related to wildlife habitat management at no cost to the landowner. Technical guidance is available statewide for any property type from rural to urban.

Deer Breeder Permits and
Release Site Info

The deer breeder permit authorizes individuals to hold white-tailed and mule deer in captivity for the purpose of propagation. Deer breeder permits and all applicable reporting requirements, including release site registration, are managed through the TWIMS Deer Breeder online system.

Aerial Wildlife Management Permit

Commonly referred to as AWM, this permit is required to count, photograph, capture, or take wildlife or exotic animals by use of aircraft, including unmanned aircraft systems (drones). AWM permits and reporting requirements are managed through the TWIMS AWM online system.

Antlerless Mule Deer (AMD) Permits

AMD Permits are issued to landowners in areas with mule deer populations that can support antlerless harvest or that require intensive herd management to maintain or reduce mule deer numbers to minimize habitat degradation. Apply for AMD permits thru the Land Management Assistance (LMA) online system.

Deer Management Permit

Commonly referred to as DMP, this permit authorizes owners of high-fenced properties to temporarily detain white-tailed deer in breeding pens located on the property for the purpose of natural breeding.

Depredation Permit

The depredation permit may be issued to individuals who have evidence clearly showing certain protected wildlife is causing serious damage to commercial agricultural, horticultural, or aquacultural interests, or presents a threat to public safety (e.g., airport runways).

Pronghorn Permits

A TPWD-issued permit is required to harvest any pronghorn outside of the Panhandle experimental areas. Apply for pronghorn permits thru the Land Management Assistance (LMA) online system.

Trap, Transport and Transplant Permit

Commonly referred to as TTT, this permit authorizes certain game animals to be trapped from properties with excess population numbers and relocated to properties with sufficient habitat to support the additional animals.

Trap, Transport and Process Permit

Commonly referred to as TTP, this permit provides a mechanism to help reduce deer population densities in areas where white-tailed deer are overpopulated. This permit is available to municipalities, political subdivisions, and certain qualified individuals.

Hunting Apps

My Texas Hunt Harvest

Report and log your harvested resident game in real-time. Report your eastern turkey harvest.

Available free on Android, iOS devices and on the web.

CWD Results

Find CWD test results from deer checked at an official TPWD CWD check station.

Find result using the CWD number located on check station receipt.

Outdoor Annual Texas Hunting and Fishing Regulations

Afield or afloat, easily access Texas hunting and fishing regulations on your iPhone, iPad or Android, even without internet service.