San Antonio Trunks

These trunks are available in the San Antonio area from non-TPWD organizations.


Organization Contact Trunks Available City Reservation Instructions
Edwards Aquifer Authority Contact and reserve through website. Water Conservation
About the Aquifer
Career/Science Days
Numerical Computer Modeling
Endangered Species of the Edwards Aquifer
The EAA Act
Learning Lab
San Antonio, TX Free presentations available for grades K-12. Reserve by email on website.
Mitchell Lake Audubon Center 210-628-1639 Bird Adaptations San Antonio, TX Trunks are available for free. Call to reserve.
San Antonio Zoo Kathryn Takow
210-734-7184 ext. 1504
Feathered Friends
World of Animals
African Safari
Animals Behaving Wildly
Bio Facts
Mussel Mania
San Antonio, TX Trunks can be checked out for 2 weeks. Costs $25 deposit that is refundable upon trunk return. Contact Cheryl Hernanez to reserve.