Hunting & Wildlife FAQ - Hunting Regulations

Q1: Are there any changes or anything new for this season?
A1: Information for the new seasons and changes can be found at New This Year: Hunting.

Q2: Is it legal to hunt with a crossbow during the Archery Only Season?
A2: Yes, it is now legal for anyone to use a crossbow during both the Archery Only and General Seasons. You do not need a doctor's statement anymore to use a crossbow during the Archery Only season on private property. The Texas Legislature passed this new law in 2009. Regulations in Grayson County and some unit of public hunting lands still restrict crossbow use during the Archery Only season to persons with permanent upper limb disabilities. For additional information on crossbow restrictions please see the Outdoor Annual under Hunting Regulations - Means and Methods, or on our website under the same titles.

Q3: Do I need an antlerless deer permit to take an antlerless deer during the Archery Only Season?
A3: A permit is not required to take antlerless deer during an Archery Only Season, except on MLD properties. If MLD Permits have been issued to the property, they must be used. Contact the landowner to see if the property is participating in the Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP).

Q4: Where can I find the season dates for game animals in Texas?
A4: The season dates by animal can be found on our website under Seasons by Animal & Category, or on the first page of the Outdoor Annual.

Q5: What is a Wildlife Resource Document and how can I get one?
A5: A Wildlife Resource Document (WRD) is necessary for a person to give, receive, or possess any part of a wildlife resource. This document along with the proper tag or permit must accompany the carcass until it reaches its final destination. The document contains the following information: 1. Name, signature, address, and hunting or fishing license number of the person who killed or caught the resource, 2. Name of the person receiving the resource, 3. Description of the resource, 4. Date the resource was killed or caught, and 5. Location where the resource was killed or caught. The WRD can be found near the back of the Outdoor Annual after the county listings, or on the website under Hunting and Wildlife - Outdoor Annual - Wildlife Resource Document (WRD).

Q6: How do I get information on hunting in other states?
Q7: TPWD does not have information on hunting in other states; however we do have phone numbers on file, call or e-mail us.

Q7: What is HIP Certification and how do I get it?
A8: HIP Certification stands for Harvest Information Program Certification. It is a program used by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that consists of a number of questions on how many specific migratory game birds the hunter harvested the previous season and whether or not the hunter will be hunting them the present/upcoming season. This certification is required to hunt any migratory game bird. HIP Certification is free and can be received at any license vendor throughout the state.