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Water Body Records for Aquilla

Updated March 30, 2020

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Weight Records

This page ranks weight records caught by rod & reel, fly rod and bow fishing. All-Tackle rankings are displayed on a separate page.


Rod & Reel
Species Weight Length Date Angler Bait or Lure
Bass, Largemouth 12.81 27.25 May 19, 1995 Gary McDaniel  
Bass, White 2.00 15.71 Oct 31, 1994 Rick Rivard  
Catfish, Blue 18.78 35.50 Mar 23, 2014 Cort Newsome cut bait 
Catfish, Channel 17.50 33.00 Jan 20, 2008 Randy Essex shad 
Catfish, Flathead 58.60 51.25 Aug 4, 2014 Lucas Felan  
Crappie, White 2.21 16.00 Jul 31, 2005 Juanita Stover minnow 
Drum, Freshwater 6.62 25.00 Nov 24, 2012 Doye Newsome shad 

Junior Angler

Rod & Reel
Species Weight Length Date Angler Bait or Lure
Bass, White 1.20 13.75 Apr 3, 2005 Hunter Van Huss  
Crappie, White 1.20 13.50 Apr 3, 2005 Hunter Van Huss minnow