Additional Information:
Angler Recognition Program Application Form media download(PDF 553.3 KB)

Angler Recognition Program How To Participate

  1. Be prepared. Review the program rules, check the current records, and secure an official application form. Page 3 of our downloadable brochure media download(PDF 553.3 KB) is an application form that anglers can fill out electronically, print, sign and send. The blank form can also be printed and filled in by hand.
  2. Locate certified scales before the trip, especially for larger species of fish. A list of official weigh stations is available on this website.
  3. Catch your trophy!
  4. Measure the fish.
  5. Take several photos. Photos are required for Catch and Release Record, State Record by Weight, Water Body Record and Big Fish Award applications. Photos of other outstanding catches are welcome. Digital photos submitted by e-mail are preferred, but applicants may also send prints by mail. We cannot accept photos on physical media such as thumb drives, CDs or DVDs. Video recordings will not be accepted in lieu of photographs.
  6. Submitted photos become the property of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. High-quality photos may be chosen for display on the Angler Recognition website and at TPWD locations and events.
  7. If weight is required for your award category, weigh the fish on certifiable or legal-for-trade scales within three days of the catch date. If the scale is not currently certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) or a commercial scales calibration company, the applicant will have 30 days from the weigh date to have the scale certified.
  8. Complete the Angler Recognition Award application and submit within 60 days of the catch date. Applications for State Catch and Release Records and State Records by weight require the signature of a notary public. The 60-day limit will be waived for catches recognized as world records by the IGFA.
  9. Allow 6 to 8 weeks to receive your certificate.

General Rules for All Award Categories

  1. The fish must be legally caught in Texas waters.
    • Exception: For Gulf of Mexico water body records, eligible catches may be taken from both state and federal waters. Please note game fishes in state waters may be taken only by pole and line. In federal water, legal means for these species include spear guns.
    • Anglers submitting spear gun records from federal water must include GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude) of the location where the catch was made.
  2. An Angler Recognition Award Application form (PWD BR T3200-349B) completed by the angler must be received by TPWD within 60 days of the date of catch. The 60-day limit will be waived for catches recognized as world records by the International Game Fish Association.
  3. The fish must be caught while obeying all laws or regulations governing the fish species and the waters in which it was caught. Check license requirements and fishing regulations before going fishing.
  4. Only one person may catch the fish (except for netting or gaffing the fish to bring it into the boat or onto shore).
  5. The fish must not have contained anything (including electronics or other tagging devices) to assist in locating the fish.
  6. Deliberate falsification of any application will result in disqualification. All existing records will be removed and future applications from the angler will not be considered.
  7. TPWD reserves the right to review, investigate, reject, disqualify, or accept any application submitted or any award granted. In case of disputes, the decision of the Angler Recognition Awards Program Committee will be final.

For more information, contact:

Angler Recognition Program • (903) 670-2275 • (903) 676-2277 • 5550 FM 2495 • Athens, Texas 75752