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Water Body Records for Martin Creek Reservoir

Updated March 30, 2020

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Weight Records

This page ranks weight records caught by rod & reel, fly rod and bow fishing. All-Tackle rankings are displayed on a separate page.


Rod & Reel
Species Weight Length Date Angler Bait or Lure
Bass, Hybrid Striped 5.25 22.50 Dec 28, 1989 Thomas M. Weaver  
Bass, Largemouth 12.56 29.13 Sep 23, 1995 Jon Corpier  
Carp, Common 7.25 26.00 Jun 29, 2003 Ronnie Eidson dough bait 
Catfish, Blue 42.52 42.50 Feb 17, 2018 Jeb Underhill shad 
Catfish, Channel 5.93 26.25 Jun 10, 1994 Colin Rech  
Catfish, Flathead 23.50 37.75 Sep 19, 2009 Teresa O`Neil  
Crappie, White 2.50 16.00 Dec 21, 1993 Jeffrey Best  
Bow Fishing
Species Weight Length Date Angler
Carp, Grass 27.61 38.00 Apr 18, 2000 Trent Durst
Tilapia, Blue 5.55 18.38 Aug 31, 1996 Christopher Blalock

Note: Bow fishing for blue, channel and flathead catfish was legal only from September 1, 2006 to August 31, 2008. Applications for bow fishing records can no longer be accepted for these species.

Junior Angler

Rod & Reel
Species Weight Length Date Angler Bait or Lure
Bass, Largemouth 9.35 26.13 Aug 18, 2018 Jack I. Hacker crankbait 

Catch and Release Records (by length)

All Ages

Rod & Reel
Species Length Date Angler Bait or Lure
Bass, Largemouth 23.75 Jul 6, 2017 Brayden Cross frog