Texas State Fish Hatcheries

tanksHatcheries comprise an important component of freshwater fisheries management at Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. Hatchery-reared fish are used to establish new populations, enhance existing populations, support research efforts, and maintain fisheries in small urban reservoirs where natural production will not meet anglers' needs.


Marine Enhancement Director
Chris Mace, Ph.D - red drum, spotted seatrout, other marine species

Coastal Locations

Statewide Research

P.R. Bass Marine Fisheries Research Center, Palacios


Chief, Inland Hatcheries
Todd Engeling

Hatchery Program Directors

Carl Kittel - Hatchery Operations

Neil Pugliese - Temperate Bass, Catfish and Walleye Production

Inland Locations

Statewide Support

Fish Health and Genetics Laboratory, San Marcos

Sport Fishing Restoration

Information collection, reporting and research are produced with support from the federal Sport Fish Restoration program.